Off the Beaten Tracks in Nepal

    02 March, 2021
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      Explore the unexplored corner of the world! 

      Nepal, a small country in South Asia lies in between India and China (Tibet), Nepal is well-known as the country of the land of the Himalayas where you can see so many mountains including Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

      Nepal has so many other exciting treks besides from Annapurna Base camp, Annapurna Circuit, and Everest Base Camp trek. However, if you are visiting in Nepal for trekking then you must have heard these popular treks of Nepal many times but only a few people are familiar with the off-beaten tracks in Nepal there are still so many regions that are underexplored by trekkers which are far away from the infrastructure but sceneries are spectacular and the terrain is varied, these tracks are very isolated into the remote parts of Nepal. Fortunately, most of them off the beaten tracks are opened for trekking as restricted areas in recent years. These routes are obviously out of the good fundamental of infrastructure but the views are spectacular and that makes this trek most rewarding.

      If you are planning on the off beaten tracks in Nepal then here are a few guidelines for off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal Himalayas.

      Upper Dolpo

      Upper Dolpo region is one of the remotest that under the developed district in the western region of Nepal, a truly inaccessible but festinating spiritual corner of Nepal. This hidden valley is only opened for the trekkers for organized trekking groups with special permits as it declared as a restricted area of Nepal. However, this trekking route has become most rewarded off the beaten treks paths in Nepal since it’s permitted. Likewise, the Dolpo region also provides Eco-adventurous routes in the western part of Nepal including a range of wild and wonderful variety of flora and fauna:

      In recent years, the Diplo trek has been vastly promoted by many travelers due to its beautify of nature and culture including wild animals like Mountain goat, Blue sheep, Deer, Jackal, mountain Monal, Wolf as well as the snow leopard.

      In this trek, You will be enjoying the beautifully surrounded close mountain views of Dhaulagiri (8,167m) and the Chure Himal range and the West by the Jumla district along with the unique villages that inhabited by Bon and Buddhist s shelters as well as the lifestyle of these lovely people.