Off the Beaten Tracks in Nepal

    18 June, 2024
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      Explore the unexplored corner of the world! 

      Nepal, a small country in South Asia lies in between India and China (Tibet), Nepal is well-known as the country of the land of the Himalayas where you can see so many mountains including Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

      Nepal has so many other exciting treks besides from Annapurna Base camp, Annapurna Circuit, and Everest Base Camp trek. However, if you are visiting Nepal for trekking then you must have heard these popular treks of Nepal many times but only a few people are familiar with the off-beaten tracks in Nepal there are still so many regions that are underexplored by trekkers which are far away from the infrastructure but sceneries are spectacular and the terrain is varied, these tracks are very isolated into the remote parts of Nepal. Fortunately, most of them off the beaten tracks are opened for trekking as restricted areas in recent years. These routes are obviously out of the good fundamentals of infrastructure but the views are spectacular and that makes this trek most rewarding.

      If you are planning on the off-beaten tracks in Nepal then here are a few guidelines for off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal Himalayas.


      Upper Dolpo region is one of the remotest that under the developed district in the western region of Nepal, a truly inaccessible but festinating spiritual corner of Nepal. This hidden valley is only opened for the trekkers for organized trekking groups with special permits as it is declared as a restricted area of Nepal. However, this trekking route has become most rewarded off the beaten trek paths in Nepal since it’s permitted. Likewise, the Dolpo region also provides Eco-adventurous routes in the western part of Nepal including a range of wild and wonderful variety of flora and fauna:

      In recent years, the Diplo trek has been vastly promoted by many travelers due to its beautify of nature and culture including wild animals like Mountain goat, Blue sheep, Deer, Jackal, mountain Monal, Wolf as well as the snow leopard.

      In this trek, you will be enjoying the beautifully surrounded close mountain views of Dhaulagiri (8,167m) and the Chure Himal range and the West by the Jumla district along with the unique villages inhabited by Bon and Buddhist s shelters as well as the lifestyle of these lovely people.


      Day 1: Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, overnight at Hotel.

      Day 2: Fly from Nepalgunj to Jhuphal (Dolpo) and trek to Dunai

      Day 3: Trek to Ankhe, overnight at lodge.

      Day 4: Trek to Sulighat 5-6 hours walk

      Day 5: Trek to Phoksundo Lake, overnight at lodge.

      Day 6: Acclimatization day

      Day 7: Trek to Phoksundo Khola 4 hours walk, overnight at lodge.

      Day 8: Trek to Phoksundo Bhanjyang 7 hours 

      Day 9: Trek to Shey Gompa via Kang-La pass (5,360m) 

      Day 10: Acclimatization day and sleep in the tent.

      Day 11: Trek to Namduna Gaun (4,800m) bypassing Saldang La (5,200m) – total walking time 7 hours

      Day 12: Trek to Saldang 3,620m, 4-5 hours walk

      Day 13: Trek to Yangze Gompa 

      Day 14: Trek to Sibu 

      Day 15: Trek  Jeng-la Phedi 

      Day 16: Trek to Dho Tarap 

      Day 17: Rest Day at Dho Tarap,

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      Manaslu region is one of the most beautiful Hidden gems in Nepal that offers a different sort of trekking including Manaslu Circuit trek, Manaslu Tsum valley trek, etc. This trek is a relatively challenging journey in terms of the difficult mood but it is doable by any person who is reasonably fit. However, Manaslu Stum valley is one of the remotest among the other routes into the valley where a few trekkers can be seen on a trial. The trekking houses are not being properly built into the valley, the people living in this area are mostly of Tibetan origin who migrated to the valley in a long century. the foods are found very basic and accommodations in this area have nothing more than standards level. It sounds like a completely different trek than any others in the Himalayas, the culture of this area is mind-blowing, people are truly blessed with warm hospitality and are friendly like nothing else. During the trek to this valley, you will not only have a mixture of culture and lifestyle of the people but you will also enjoy the beauty of the mountains as well as a wide range of wilderness.


      Day 1:Arrival in Kathmandu

      Day 2:Kathmandu valley sightseeing 

      Day 3:Drive to Soti Khola by local bus or jeep

      Day 4:Trek to Machhi Khola

      Day 5:Trek to Jagat

      Day 6:Trek to Lakuwa

      Day 7:Trek to Chumling

      Day 8:Trek  to Chokhan-paro – 05 hours

      Day 9:Trek to Nele via Milereppa cave

      Day 10:Trek to Mu Gompa

      Day 11:Trek to Mu Gompa

      Day 12: Rest day at Mu Gompa

      Day 13:Trek to Rachen Gompa

      Day 14:Trek to Philim 1,590 m - 07 hours.

      Day 15:Trek back to Chumling

      Day 16:Trek to Deng

      Day 17:Trek to Namrung

      Day 18:Trek to Lho

      Day 19:Trek to Samagaun

      Day 20:Acclimatizing day

      Day 21:Trek to Samdo

      Day 22:Trek to Dharamsala

      Day 23:Cross the Larke pass (5213m) trek down to Bimtang

      Day 24:Trek to Tilije

      Day 25:Trek  to Dharapani and drive back to Besishar

      Day 26:Drive to Kathmandu from Besishar

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      Rara lake is located in the far west of Kathmandu valley, trekking to Rara lake is another amazing experience where you will be surrounded by more mountain sceneries and fewer people around. Rara Lake treks in the recent days, becoming more popular and gained its own pride due to the beauty of nature. Trekking into the valley is a sort of challenging where not all the trekking trails are properly made there are a lot of ups and down en-climb routes where you will be facing a few days of your trekking in the valley but views are spectacular, on to of that, people in this region has a unique lifestyle, the majority of the people groups in this region is Rai, Limbu, and Kirat as they are involved to the medium class group of Nepal group class functionalities.

      The Rara lake trek can be done from 12 days up to 25 days based on your holiday forms, this trek takes you to Rara lake that is vastly gorgeous and unspoiled from the traffic of tourists. Rara lake trek is one of the most famous off-beaten treks that take you to Rara National Park which is one of the finest parks in the world. explore this one of the most fascinating and incredible treks.


      Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 

      Day 02: Sightseeing day in KTM

      Day 03: Flight Kathmandu-Nepalganj 2,540m

      Day 05: Flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla (2,540m) 

      Day 06: Trek Jumla to Chere Chaur (3,055m) 

      Day 07: Trek  to Chalachaur (2,980m) 

      Day 08: Trek to Sinja Valley (2,490m

      Day 09: Trek to Ghorosingha (3,050m) 

      Day 10: Trek to Rara Lake (3,010m) 

      Day 11: Exploration day 

      Day 12: Trek to Pina (2440m) 

      Day 13: Trek Pina to Burma (2850m)

      Day 14: Trek to Jumla (2540m) 

      Day 15: Fly back to Kathmandu via Nepaljung



      Ruby Valley Trek is a newly opened trekking trail in Nepal as it offers a large range of mountains including Mt. Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Manaslu, and many more. Trekking in Ruby valley is one of the shortest destinations from Kathmandu valley where you can be reached in a 2-3 days combined journey of slow walking and driving. reaching in the remotest valley will be fruitful to you all, learning the beautiful culture of the Tamang, and Gurung people, the vibrant culture is another highlight of the trek. This route has not built up yet any proper tea house.


      Day 1:Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi

      Day 2:Trek from Syabrubesi to Gatlang Village

      Day 3:Trek from Gatlang to Somdang

      Day 4:Trek to Tipling via Pasngsang- La pass

      Day 5:Trek from Tipoling to Chalish Gaon

      Day 6:Trek from Chalish to Khading

      Day 7:Rest Day at Khading Village

      Day 8:Trek back to Lower Borang

      Day 9:Trek to Dundure and Drive to Dhading Bensi

      Day 10:Drive back to Kathmandu


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      A fantastic easy Panch Pokhari Trek is intended uniquely in Nepal which offers glorious sceneries of the Nepal Himalayas. This route has officially been lately opened and includes the sacred and pristine glacial where travelers can be a part of the pilgrimage tour as well if you believe in faith. The meaning of the PanchPokhari is Five Lakes that are genuinely famous for the Hindu pilgrimage trip. However, the views on this route are simply nothing but spectacular facing the northeast and the charming biological diversities contribute to deserving the trip brilliantly. The trip consists of the base of the Jugal Himal range in the initial and concludes in the lower part of the Langtang valley region in Nepal.


      Day 01:Arrival in Kathmandu

      Day 02:Drive to Bhotang Village (1800 meters)

      Day 03:Trek from Bhotang to Nasimpati

      Day 04:Trek from Nasimpati to Panch Pokhari Lakes (4100 meters)

      Day 05:Trek  from Pancha Pokhari down to Bhotang village

      Day 06:Drive from Bhotang to Kathmandu

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      The Api Himal trek trail belongs to the hidden side in the western remote area of Nepal where you see fewer trekkers along the way, the trek itself an amazing in the peaceful valley, If you are looking to explore an unexplored part of Nepal then this valley is a right one for you where you can enjoy and see different spectacular Himalayan scenery including APi Himal, Kappa chuli peak, Nandadevi, Rajramba, etc.


      Day 1: Arrival day in Kathmandu

      Day 2: Fly to Dhangadhi (109m/357ft) 1 hour 15 mins

      Day 3: Drive to Gokuleshwar 8 hours

      Day 4: Drive to Latinath (1,004m) 2 hours and trek to Paribagar (1,770m/5,807ft) 1 hour

      Day 5: Trek to Makarigaad (1,470m/4,822ft) 5 hours

      Day 6: Trek to Siti (2,254m/7,395ft) 8 hours

      Day 7: Trek to Domal (2,950m/9,678ft) 7 hours

      Day 8: Trek to Dhaulo Odar (lower Api Base Camp) (3,548m/11,640ft) 5 hours

      Day 9: Trek to Api Base Camp/Pilkandah (3,861m/12,667ft) and back to Daulo Odar

      Day 10: Trek to Siti (2,258m/7,408ft) 6 hours

      Day 11: Trek to Makarigaad (1,470m/4,822ft) 6 hours

      Day 12: Trek to Latinath (4 hour) and drive to Gokuleshwar (2 hour)

      Day 13: Drive from Gokuleshwar to Dhangadhi (9 hours)

      Day 14: Fly from Dhangadhi to Kathmandu (1,300m/4,264ft

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      The Rolwaling trek is one of the most difficult and most beautiful off-the-beaten tracks in Nepal. The Rolwaling valley is known as “the Grave” simply because of its location. Buried down between steep ice- giants. This region lies amidst the Langtang range and Everest range. The major highlights of the Rolwaling trek are the captivating sights of both Mount Langtang and Mount Everest. The trekkers will be rewarded with the enchanting views of Majestic Mount Gauri Shanker (7134 m.).


      Day 01:Drive from KTM to Jagat 1150m -6 hrs approx

      Day 02:Trek from Jagat to Simigaun (2020m), 4-5 hours walk.

      Day 03:Trek from Simigaun to Dongang (2790m), 6.5 hours.

      Day 04:Trek from Dongang to Beding (3700m), 6 hours.

      Day 05:Acclimatization Day 

      Day 06:Trek from Beding to Na (4200), and Tso Rolpa (4500m), 6-7 hours walk.

      Day 07:Trek  from Tso Rolpato Dongang (2790m), 6 hours.

      Day 08:Trek from Dongang to Gongar Khola (1430m), 5.5 hours.

      Day 09:Drive  back to Kathmandu

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