Langtang Valley Trek - 10 Days

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  • Trip Duration10 Days
  • Difficulty LevelEasy-Moderate
  • Best SeasonSpring & Autumn
  • Max Altitude4973m (15955 ft)


Langtang Valley Trek: “Leave the crowds behind you on this captivating exploration of Nepal’s sublime Langtang Valley."
Alpine Ramble Treks will guide you each step of the way, from the very doorstep of Kathmandu to the scenic heights of Kyanjin Gompa. Our exciting ten-day itinerary will introduce you to ornate monasteries, quiet riverside trails, and the jaw-dropping range of mountains known as the Langtang Himal.

Langtang Valley Trek Highlights

  • Explore Kathmandu, the enchanting “city of temples,” on our guided tour of several fascinating UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Ascend from subtropical jungle to alpine rhododendron forest as you ramble through the wilderness of the incomparable Langtang Valley.
  • Get acquainted with the culture and religious customs of Tamang, Newari, and Sherpa villages as we pass through bucolic mountain communities and traditional terraced farms.
  • Reach the stunning lookout point at Kyanjin Gompa, where you’ll capture a fantastic panoramic view of the entire Langtang and Ganesh Himal mountain ranges.
  • Try a bite of yak cheese at the well-known cheese factory in Langtang village!

Langtang Trek & Additional Benefits with Alpine Ramble

  • Free transfers to and from Tribhuvan International Airport upon arrival and departure.
  • Complimentary use of any necessary trekking equipment, such as sleeping bags, down jackets, duffle bags, walkie-talkies, trekking poles, and an oximeter to monitor your oxygen and pulse.
  • Fun souvenirs of your Himalayan adventure: a trekking route map, a t-shirt emblazoned with the Alpine Ramble Treks logo, and a stick! 


Langtang Valley Trek ample facts: When international visitors travel to Nepal to trek in the spectacular wilds of the Himalayas, they often look to overlook the Langtang Valley Trek, heading first to the world-famous Khumbu region and the mighty Mount Everest.

Hikers searching for a more accessible adventure might also consider the equally stunning trek to Annapurna Base Camp.

But did you know that there is another region nestled between these two popular trekking routes?

Welcome to the Langtang Valley Trek: a world of soaring peaks, mysterious forests, bucolic mountain villages, and breathtaking vistas everywhere you look.

Best of all, the Langtang Valley lies just a few miles north of Kathmandu itself. This makes it one of the very best choices in all of Nepal for visitors who want to undertake an authentic Himalayan trek in a reasonable amount of time.

The Langtang Valley Trek itinerary by Alpine Ramble Treks has been developed to showcase the very best of this uncommonly beautiful region, including the high-altitude peaks of the Langtang Himal range.

Our Langtang Valley Trip package will also introduce you to the wild landscapes of Langtang National Park, where you may be able to spot elusive wildlife like the musk deer, Himalayan tahr, or red panda moving amongst the dense woodland foliage. Especially keen-eyed hikers may even discover evidence of the exceptionally rare snow leopard as we move from the tropical lowlands to the alpine heights of the Langtang Valley.

During this ascent, you’ll also encounter Nepali people from three distinct ethnic groups: the Tamang, Newari, and Sherpa. These friendly village folk will proudly introduce you to their culture, which is profoundly influenced by the Tibetan Buddhism that flourishes here amongst the Himalayas.

The Langtang Valley Trek is still something of an undiscovered gem when compared with its more popular counterparts. This means that the enchanting scenery, picturesque communities, and winding trails decorated with Buddhist prayer flags and Chortens won’t be crowded with other travelers even during the peak trekking season.

This lends a decidedly intrepid vibe to the Langtang Valley Trek, making it the perfect choice for travelers who want to escape the crowds and engage with the Himalayan wilderness on their own terms. Of course, you can always count on your experienced guide from Alpine Ramble Treks to show you the way and to lend a helping hand when the going gets rough. We’ve operated safe and exciting trekking tours in the Himalayas for many years—and we hope we’ll have the pleasure of hosting you as our next client. 

In addition to its captivating natural scenery and friendly locals, one of the best qualities of the Langtang Valley is its accessibility from Kathmandu.

Our ten-day Langtang Valley Trek itinerary kicks off with a scenic drive from the capital city to the trailhead at Syabrubesi, skipping costly commercial flights and overnight transfers.

Each day in the Langtang Valley brings you through charming villages, terraced fields of cultivation, and lush woodlands of pine and bamboo. We’ll even climb to almost 5,000 meters in altitude to enjoy spectacular mountain views from the Buddhist community of Kyanjin Gompa.

However, the Langtang Valley Trek is a moderately difficult physical challenge, and it’s possible to experience acute mountain sickness, or AMS, on this itinerary. It’s important to prepare for your trek with regular cardiovascular exercise, such as running or walking.

Your guide from Alpine Ramble Treks has plenty of experience in these mountains and will be there to ensure that you don’t overexert yourself on this ten-day itinerary. If you remember to hike at your own pace and heed your guide’s advice, you’re sure to have an unforgettable adventure here in Nepal’s Langtang Valley.

If you would like to enjoy the cultural wonders and alpine beauty of the Langtang Valley on a shorter itinerary, we also offer a Langtang Valley Trek – 6 Days package.

Likewise, for you who are interested in crowded trekking routes, we also offer exciting Everest Base Camp Trek 8 Days and ABC trek 6 Days. 


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Welcome to Kathmandu! When you touch down at Tribhuvan International Airport, a representative from Alpine Ramble will be waiting to greet you and bring you to the hotel in the city. You’ll get checked in, and have the rest of the day to enjoy at your leisure. There are no formal activities on today’s itinerary, but we would be thrilled to arrange a guided tour of this “city of temples” for your interest. Kathmandu is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, and no trip to Nepal’s capital is complete without visiting the temples and religious monuments sacred to Hindus and Buddhists alike. If you’re arriving late in the day, don’t worry—you’ll have another opportunity to explore Kathmandu at the end of the week.

In the evening, we’ll meet up to prepare for everything on the ten-day Langtang Valley Trek. We’ll go over information about the trekking route and introduce you to your guide and porters. After clearing up any last-minute questions, you’ll want to take a final spin around the lively markets of the tourist district known as Thamel before turning in for the night. Your adventure begins in the morning!

    Our Langtang Valley Trek begins with a scenic drive to Syabrubesi, the gateway to Langtang National Park. We’ll break up our travel with a few rests stops along the way, including a break at Trishuli Bazaar, where we’ll sit down to lunch and enjoy some local flavors. All told, you can expect to spend approximately eight hours in transit today. But this isn’t a dull highway commute—instead, you’ll be passing through charming rural villages, winding mountain roads, and rolling fields of rice, maize, and millet. As we follow the Trishuli River and ascend to Dhunche, we’ll even start to glimpse the snowy peaks of the Ganesh Himal range.

    When we arrive in Syabrubesi, we’ll stretch our legs and take a stroll through town. Tonight, you’ll get your first taste of teahouse accommodations. Most trekking routes in Nepal are peppered with these little lodges, where you can expect simple, delicious meals and a comfortable bed each night. Throughout the Langtang Valley Trek, we’ll enjoy the hospitality of a teahouse at the end of each day’s hike. We’ll pick out one of the best available teahouses here in Syabrubesi to spend the night.

    • Hotel
    • 8 hrs by local bus.
    • Lunch, Dinner, and Lodge (L+D+L)
    • 1470m

    After breakfast in Syabrubesi, it’s time to take your first real steps on the Langtang Valley Trek. We’ll get started by crossing a suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi river, which flows across the border from Tibet. The trail heads uphill from here, climbing through a dense woodland of pine and rhododendron as it parallels the Langtang Khola river gorge. This is a landscape of sparkling waterfalls and hidden hot springs, where rhesus macaques and red pandas move through the forest canopy while we pass beneath them. Keep on the lookout for the wild, oversized beehives perched high on the nearby cliffs; locals expend great effort to harvest the honey from these hives, often at considerable personal risk.

    As we come across terraced farms and quiet streams, we’ll approach several small villages. Most notable amongst them are Bamboo and Renche. We’ll stop for lunch at one of these peaceful mountain communities, where you’ll enjoy the opportunity to refuel your body and rest your feet. In the afternoon, we’ll ascend past Bamboo to reach the charming village of Lama Hotel. We’ll stop here for the night, selecting a comfortable teahouse for our overnight accommodations. 

    • Lodge to Lodge
    • 6 hrs approx.
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    • 2,560m/7970ft

    Today’s trail begins by climbing through forests of pine and rhododendron, passing a number of small mountain communities, and rising above the watercourse of the Langtang Khola to reveal a splendid view of the Langtang Himal range. These mountains are the defining feature of the Langtang Valley. Their highest peak is known as Langtang Lirung, which ascends to higher than 7,000 meters in altitude. We’ll hike in the shadow of its mighty summit as we traverse a glacial valley on the way to Godatabel, a settlement that marks the approximate halfway point on our route for the day.

    After sitting down to lunch at Godatabel, we’ll hike along a path adorned with prayer wheels and chortens. As we penetrate deeper into the mountains, these reminders of Buddhist faith appear more frequently, and we’ll marvel at their beautiful inscriptions and loving craftsmanship. We’ll continue across alpine meadows where livestock can often be found grazing as we make the final approach to Langtang village. This Tibetan-influenced town was damaged badly during the 2015 earthquake, and a memorial in the village now commemorates the lives lost in that tragedy. But dedicated reconstruction efforts have revitalized Langtang, and we’ll make our own contribution to its economy by spending the night at one of its best trekking lodges this evening.

    • Lodge to Lodge
    • 5-6 hrs approx.
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    • 3450m/11315ft

    Lovers of alpine scenery will cherish the next two days as the best of the entire ten-day Langtang Valley Trek. The views in store for us are nothing short of astonishing, and we’ll want to get an early start in order to make the most of them. Departing Langtang village, we’ll ascend along steep paths and come across a handful of tiny settlements used by yak herders. This is a reliable sign that you’re trekking at a genuinely high altitude; yaks are rarely found below 3,500 meters in elevation. After getting a good look at the shaggy creatures, we’ll continue alongside the course of the Langtang Khola.

    As we draw closer to the community of Kyanjin Gompa, we’ll come across an extraordinary example of a Buddhist mani wall. These walls are constructed with stones of varying shapes and sizes, and each is carved with important religious mantras. The mani wall we’ll pass on the way into Kyanjin Gompa is believed to be the second-largest of its type in the entirety of Nepal. When we arrive in the village, we’ll get checked in at one of the local teahouses and drop off our bags to explore the surroundings at our leisure. Today’s relatively short hike allows us to adjust to the higher elevation while taking the time to enjoy awe-inspiring mountain panoramas from the comfort of a café terrace or bakery window. Later this evening, we’ll return to our teahouse for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

    • Lodge to Lodge
    • 3 hrs approx.
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    • 3870m/12697ft

    The sixth day of our Langtang Valley Trek itinerary is typically set aside for you to explore the fabulous viewpoints scattered throughout the surroundings of Kyanjin Gompa. The most popular option is to embark on the steep ascent to Tsergo Ri, which affords astounding views of no fewer than 21 distinct summits. Chief amongst them is Langtang Lirung, the highest summit of the Langtang Himal at 7,234 meters. The lookout point itself is situated at 4,984 meters, and it can take up to eight hours to complete the round trip, making for a challenging but rewarding excursion.

    For a gentler alternative, we can consider trekking to Kyanjin Ri instead. We’ll need to make an early start to reach the top of this hill just northeast of Kyanjin Gompa. This is an easier and shorter ascent than the hike to Tsergo Ri, but it’s still a real climb: Kyanjin Ri sits at approximately 4,600 meters. The view from the top is every bit as good as the view from Tsergo Ri, and you’ll enjoy a 360-degree field of snow-capped mountains, sprawling valleys, and frozen lakes no matter which route you choose. This evening, we’ll return to Kyanjin Gompa to spend a second night at our guesthouse.

    • Lodge to Lodge
    • 6 hours
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    • 4950m/16236ft

    As we bid farewell to the colorful Buddhist community of Kyanjin Gompa, we’ll set out for one of the longest stretches of trekking in the Langtang Valley. We’ll be hiking all the way back to Lama Hotel today, but we’ll actually be able to move more quickly and comfortably now that we’re descending through the mountains. We’ll pass by familiar yak herding settlements and wide alpine pastures as we lose about 1,400 meters throughout the course of our descent, and with each step, the promise of a hot meal in Langtang village grows more and more alluring.

    After lunch, we’ll take some time to visit any sites you might’ve missed here in Langtang village, such as the earthquake memorial, before setting out on the path to Lama Hotel. We’ll check-in at the best available teahouse here and unburden ourselves of our heavy packs. Then it’s time to kick back and enjoy the ambiance of pines and rhododendrons blowing in a mountain wind while villagers come and go in pursuit of their daily routines.

    • Lodge to Lodge
    • 6 hrs approx.
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    • 2,560m/7970ft

    After breakfast this morning, we’ll begin our hike back to Syabrubesi. We actually have two routes to consider for today’s trek. The first lead back to Syabrubesi the same way we left it, descending through pine forest to pass Bamboo and Renche before reaching the Bhote Khola river crossing. A second, steeper option affords splendid views of the Langtang Valley and offers the chance to explore a new trail instead of retracing our steps. Your guide will help you decide which route is best, based on seasonal weather patterns and our own trekking stamina.

    Whichever route we select, we’ll stroll into Syabrubesi with the satisfaction of having completed the entire Langtang Valley Trek. After getting checked in at one of the teahouses in town, we’ll gather for dinner to celebrate our accomplishments. One thing’s for sure—with all those miles behind us, we’re bound to sleep well tonight!

    • Lodge to Lodge
    • 6 hrs approx.
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    • 1520m/4985ft

    We’ll linger over a tasty breakfast this morning before departing from the Langtang Valley by road. We’ll follow the same scenic route we used about one week ago, tracing the bends and curves of the Bhote Koshi river as it flows past idyllic rural villages and expansive fields of cultivation on the way back to Kathmandu. As you watch the dreamlike imagery of rural Nepal rolling past your window, you’ll think back on the memories you’ve made, the people you’ve met, and the miles you’ve covered with your own two feet.

    When we arrive in the city, we’ll check-in at the hotel so you can enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. There’s nothing quite like a hot shower and a nap after completing a week of trekking in the Himalayas! This evening, take some time to explore the tourist markets of the city’s vibrant Thamel neighborhood. This is also a great second opportunity to visit the cultural and historical attractions that give Kathmandu its distinct flavor. After dinner, you’ll spend the night at your hotel.

    Please note: The trekking times indicated above are approximate and are best used as general guidelines. During the Langtang Valley Trek, you’ll be able to travel freely at your own pace.

    • 7 hrs by local bus.
    • Breakfast, and Lunch
    • 1450 m

    On your final day, you will be picked by our driver and drop you off at the airport for your final departure home with lots of blessings and memories of the Himalayas and Nepal trip. We will miss you until your next visit to Nepal! 

    As always, Alpine Ramble Treks will be happy to provide complimentary transportation to Tribhuvan International Airport when it’s time for your departure. We hope your adventure on the Langtang Valley Trek has exceeded your expectations in every way—and we hope you’ll visit us again soon here in Nepal!

      Trip inclusion

      • Free Airport Transfers to and from Tribhuvan International Airport upon arrival and departure
      • Full- Board meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) during the trek.
      • One professional, experienced, and friendly Alpine Ramble’s government-licensed, English-speaking local guide- covering meals, flight, insurance, accommodations, and equipment for the guide.
      • All essential trekking documents and permits
      • Langtang national park fees
      • Trekking Information Management System (TIMS) Card.
      • Trekking equipment such as the Sleeping bag, down jacket, and walking poles
      • 7- Night accommodation at the best possible Teahouses or lodges during the trek and 2 nights in Kathmandu with breakfast.
      • Water purification tablets to purify your water during the trek for safe drinking water
      • An assistance guide for the group of 10 pax or above.
      • Round-trip (Kathmandu- Syaprubesi- Kathmandu) transfer by local bus.
      • Seasonal available fresh fruits desert every evening after dinner.
      • Supplementary; such as energy bar, snickers, some good crackers, etc. on a trek.
      • ART's Certificate of appreciations after the successful the trek
      • Farewell dinner at the best typical Nepalese restaurant along with the cultural performances 
      • Alpine Ramble’s complimentary free T-shirt, route map, and duffel bags
      • An Oximeter to monitor your oxygen and pulse at the high altitudes area in the mountain.
      • A basic first aid box including Diamox and other medications 
      • Emergency rescue operation assistance in arranging in case of complex health condition (funded by Travel Insurance)
      • All government, and Local taxes.



      • Nepal entry visa fees (You can obtain a visa quickly upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal). $25 USD for 15 days Visa.
      • Extra accommodations and meals before and after the trek
      • International airfare
      • Personal expenses such as shopping, hot and cold drinks, hot shower, hard and soft alcohols, snacks, hot and cold water, Wi-Fi, battery re-charge fee
      • Travel insurance - insurance has to cover emergency high-altitude rescue and evacuation 
      • Personal cloths and trekking equipment
      • Additional cost, the itinerary modifications or delay caused by out of management control due to the weather condition, illness, change of government policies, strikes, and physical condition, etc.
      • Gratitudes to the guides and staffs (Recommended by Nepali culture )
      • Any other expenses that are not mentioned in the Price "inclusive section" of this program

      Dates & Price

      All set dates are guaranteed departures. If the following dates are not suitable for your travel plans then contact us for your custom trip dates. The private trips are available on any date of your selection at any time of the year.

      Start DateEnd DateStatusPrice 
      21 Oct, 202130 Oct, 2021AvailableUS$399
      21 Oct, 202130 Oct, 2021AvailableUS$399
      23 Oct, 202101 Nov, 2021AvailableUS$399
      25 Oct, 202103 Nov, 2021AvailableUS$399
      26 Oct, 202104 Nov, 2021AvailableUS$399
      26 Oct, 202104 Nov, 2021LimitedUS$399
      31 Oct, 202109 Nov, 2021AvailableUS$399

      Trip Info

      Best Time for The Langtang Valley Trek

      The Langtang Valley Trek is doable at any time of year. But the seasons of autumn and spring are the best for actually embarking upon the Langtang Valley Trek. Autumn occurs between the months of September and November, promising clear mountain views, blue skies, and comfortable weather.

      If you prefer to travel during the spring months of February through May, you’ll be rewarded with the sight of rhododendrons blooming brilliantly across the alpine slopes of the Langtang Valley.

      Nepal’s annual monsoon during the months between June and August brings heat and heavy rainfall to the valley, but intrepid travelers will enjoy the mysterious fog-bound atmosphere and the relative solitude of the trails at this time of year.

      While it’s possible to trek in the Langtang Valley during the winter, deep snow can close the high mountain passes on this particular route. If you’re traveling in this region during the winter, we recommend the lower altitude Helambu Circuit Trek or Tamang Heritage Trail.

      As always, you can rely on the experts at Alpine Ramble Treks to put together an incredible trekking itinerary at any time of year.

      What Kind of foods We Can Expect on Langtang Trek

      In this tour program, all the meals will be provided during the trek; 3- selective meals a day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner during trekking, and 2 breakfasts will be served in Kathmandu.

      While on the trek, our breakfast and dinner will be served in the tea houses we spend the night at, and the lunch will be basically on our way to the next place of the journey.

      The foods we have a wide selection of food items on the local lodge’s menus, one can experience the different variety of meals on this trip, some common Nepalese, Indian, and western continental  cuisines are mentioned below,

      Ordinary Breakfast options in the Langtang region: Be expected to have some of these authentic meals on a trek including Tibetan Breads (a fried bread in oil, it’s also named by Gurung bread in Annapurna area), Chapati with Cheese (dry bread, a local wheat bread), Oatmeal, French toast with jam, honey, and peanut butter, Corn Flakes, Hashed brown, fried, Scrambles and boiled eggs, pancakes, porridge with milk, Muesli, Vegetable items and any kind of hot drinks are available except espresso, Americano, etc. Choose any of your favorite meals from the Menu in the small tea house.

      Ordinary Lunch options in the Langtang region: We literally have a wide range of food choices for lunch as well but we do suggest having more diet and light lunch in the daytime while trekking that helps us keep on rolling to reach the camp. In the evening, we can enjoy a heavy good dinner.

      For the lunch, we have a different variety of Thukpa (noodle soup), Dahl and Bhat (Nepalese local meal), Momos ( dumplings), Tibetan bread and chapati, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Sherpa Stew, a variety of soups, steaks, potatoes items, Sandwiches, Pizza, rice with curry, spring rolls, burgers and Pizza, yak steak and desserts items. Make sure to have the best meal that you like.

      Ordinary Dinner options in the Langtang region: Let’s take a special dinner as always, here are some of the good options foods to choose for our dinners - Momos (dumplings), different variety of Thukpa (noodle soup), Dahl and Bhat (Nepalese local meal), Tibetan bread and chapati, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Sherpa Stew, a variety of soups, steaks, potatoes items, Sandwiches, rice with curry, Boiled potatoes, different types of Pizzas, spring rolls, Raman soups, burgers, yak steak, etc.

      Note: Most of the selected meals (Except for meats) are fresh and healthy with hygienic specialists by the mountain people for the mountain trekkers.

      Desserts items: Available.

      Tea and Coffees: Hot and cold drinks are available. Hot drinks such as Hot Lemon, chocolate, juices, black and milk coffee, ginger, lemon, mint teas, etc, are available on menus. Likewise, Some Juice items, bottles of water, and alcoholics’ items are available.

      If you see some non-vegan items on the menu then please ask the local or guide to make sure it is safe. However, any of the meats are not on our list of recommendations because the meat in the mountain is not well sanitary and sounds not healthy. We would strongly suggest that we avoid meat, Alcoholic drinks, and smoking.

      Water on Langtang Valley Trek

      Langtang Valley Trek is a week trip. Since we are going on a multiple-day hike, it is sensible to drink as much water as possible, so staying well-hydrated is evenly important. We can buy or get bottles of water everywhere along the way for our 10- day Langtang trek, all of the small tea shops and lodges sell the water. Remember, buying a regular bottle of mineral water can cost anywhere between 1-3 USD at a higher altitude.

      On the other hand, travelers also can get the water from the taps or sources which are of course free of cost and that can be fine to drink or it's drinkable once you have sterilized it. We can refill it anywhere on this trek. Since water is very important in the high altitude area, please carry at least 2-3 liters of water bottles to drink (recommended). We need to stay hydrated as always.

      The Accommodations Facts on Langtang Trek

      We’ll be accommodated at a 3-star hotel for the 2-night stay in Kathmandu, and tea houses during the trek in the mountains. The accommodations during the trek in the tea houses or lodges are very basic but still convenient and efficient.

      Normally, the rooms are neat and clean and come in double occupancy with the wooden bed, mattresses, and pillows, nice and warm blankets but make sure to bring your own sleeping bag that can make you extra warm at altitudes. However, most of the rooms at the tea houses/ lodges offer stunning views of the scenery from your own room.

      Note: Single supplement will be arranged at request for solo female travelers or any individual trekker.

      Safety & Satisfactions


      Our guided Langtang Valley Trek is an all-inclusive program and will be led by one of our experienced and knowledgable local guides from Alpine Ramble Treks who'll be accompanying you throughout the journey sharing the history and telling the name of the mountains while guiding. Guides are fully insured and have been well-trained by the government of Nepal, our leaders will be carrying all the essential equipment with a first aid kit for safety reasons;

      Note: Travelers can carry their own personal medical kits as well. During the trek, just in case- if any one of our group members has any trouble with mountain sickness or any unforeseen circumstances during the trek in the mountain then we will always be standing by to send a rescue helicopter to bring our clients back.

      In this case, we may ask your travel insurance to claim the funds for your rescue, so make sure you have reliable travel insurance covering medical evacuation and an emergency rescue helicopter up to 600 m.

      Passport and Visa

      If you are traveling to Nepal you need to have a visa to enter Nepal. However, the arrival visa is available at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu's where you can simply get an "On Arrival Visa” upon arrival, and the visa fee for a three-month tourist- visa is 40 USD; it's playable at the airport.

      Please note that your holding passport should be validated at least six months from the date of your arrival. Meanwhile, travelers of Indian and Chinese nationalities are not required to pay this fee since the country declared a free visa for these 2 countries.

      Extra personal expenses

      Alpine Ramble Treks will provide all the foods (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner), accommodations, and transportations on the trek. Besides that, the waters, or any drinks, tips for the locals unless you do not want to it, and any other personal or Barbier bills would be on your own. In this case, we would advise carrying some cash (USD, Rupees) for the trek.

      Travel Insurance for the Langtang Trek

      As an assurance to your safety, Travel insurance is mandatory for participating in any high altitude trek in Nepal including Langtang valley trek, it's like security on which you can rely and enjoy your trip without any worries even at altitudes.

      We highly recommend getting good compressive travel insurance that covers things like emergency helicopter rescue, medical evacuation expenses. It will be an assisted protection tour to cover personal injury, injury, repatriation expenses, and any kind of illness will be covered.

      Having good travel insurance will not only guarantee you peace of mind while you travel with us but also provide you with complete coverage for anything that may go wrong.

      Packing list for Langtang Trek

      A packing list for any high-altitude trekking is one of the essential factors of a trip, especially if you are a newbie and trekking to the Langtang region of Nepal, we would strongly advocate making a checklist of essential hiking items for a successful trip in the Himalayas. We have a shortlist of the gear items; kindly check some of the following trekking gears that may help you to prepare more in a proper way.

      • A few pairs of Thermal tops
      • Fleece jacket or pullover
      • Windcheater: waterproof shell jacket one pair
      • Down jacket: ( It will be provided by the company if you do not have your own)
      • Comfortable Fleece or wool trousers
      • Trekking pants at least 2 pairs
      • Mittens or woolen gloves
      • Warm Hiking socks
      • Trekking sue with spare laces
      • Pair of flip flop
      • Underwears and Swimming costume
      • Hiking Cotton trousers/t-shirts
      • Sun hat or scarf
      • Sunglasses
      • Sleeping bag: ( It will be provided by the company if you do not have your own)
      • Trekking poles
      • Day bag above 40 L
      • One set Headlamp
      • Small lock for the day backpack
      • Reusable water bottles 2 letters
      • Water purification tablets or electric light
      • Wash towel
      • Toiletries: (wet tissue, quick-drying towel, toilet paper, moisturizers, lip balms, sunscreens, sanitary pads, hand sanitizer, nail clipper, small mirror, toothpaste, and brush, etc)
      • Rain poncho
      • Basic personal first aid kit

      Note: most of the trekking gear can be shopped in Kathmandu at an affordable cost, a number of outdoor shops or stores in Kathmandu sell trekking and climbing clothing and gear.

      Responsible Tourism

      Alpine Ramble Treks crew always respect and have faith in local people and their admiring community, it's always great to have a good friendship with the people out in the mountains, kindly follow some of the local's rules and regulations, and be thankful for each other,

      • respect the local people and their laws, custom and their beliefs
      • Always ask your guides for permission before doing something in the local community.
      • support the keep environment clean, wherever you would travel and dispose of rubbish
      • Help the local community to encourage the positive sides of tourism as long as possible.

      Transportations On Langtang Valley Trek

      We provide all the necessary transportation for your trip including the airport pick up and drop off on arrival and departure date. On arrival day, you'll be greeted by one of the airport representatives or tour guides from Alpine Ramble Treks at the Kathmandu airport, Nepal, and transferred to the Hotel. The next day, a transfer will be provided for Kathmandu to Syabrubesi and return from Syabrubesi to Kathmandu after the trek by local bus or jeep.

      Note: We also organize all kinds of vehicle services for your city tour in Kathmandu, Lumbini, Chitwan (Sauraha), Pokhara, Nagarkot, and Bandipur on request.

      Booking & payment process

      Alpine Ramble Treks (ART) is a leading Himalayan trekking and adventure operator based in Kathmandu Nepal. We have been proudly serving thousands of travelers in the field from all over the world for almost two decades since its establishment. It's a pleasure to have this opportunity to organize an amazing trip as always for at least once in a lifetime for all our respected guests.

      We take such pride and honor ourselves to be part of this help and being a good friend with each and every one of our clients who join on this journey for a lifetime.

      On top of that, we are a fully authorized (registered number is 178805/074/075) company which recognized as one of Nepal's top trekking and tour specialists from the various local and international magazines, Recommended by some of the world's travel sites like Lonely Planet, Tripadvisor, Vitor, New York Times, Travel Magazines, and so on.

      make your dream come true without any hassle and hesitation. We believe in quality services so that one can experience first-hand with travel experience with us in Nepal. Our happiness relies on our guest's happiness and satisfaction. Therefore, we work hard day and night for the best of best results at the end.  Join us today and let your dream come true. 

      Book this amazing trekking trip of a lifetime with us today. Online Booking form, pay only 20 % of the full trip fund now, and the remaining can be made on arrival.

      Last-minute Booking

      We are happy to accept any last-minute booking for the Langtang Valley trek 10 - Day. But in this case, we would like you to understand to make the full payment at the time of booking.

      The last-minute booking is acceptable 4-10 hours before the trip gets started. Your last-minute booking can be made up by calling or sending us an email and messages. You may book it through the online form. But, Last minute booking may not be acceptable for Bhutan and Tibet trips.

      We look forward to experiencing this trip with you in the land of the majestic mountains, see you soon here!


      The highest elevations of Langtang trek is 4900 meters 

      • Ascend Slowly
      • Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes & Tobacco
      • Proper Acclimatization Rest and walk slowly
      • Drink plenty of water - at least 3 liters of a day
      • Eat Well and Plenty- mostly soups items like garlic, ginger, etc
      • Use the Diamox as per Doctor's instructors if AMS symptoms grew 

      Yes, The trekkers should have to have registered trekking permits of Langtnag  National Park Permit and TIMS (Trekker's Management Systems) and they are all helped and provided by Alpine Ramble Trekks- it's all are included on our package program.

      Of course, yes, you can!  This trekking tour can be done by anyone from 8 years young to 75 years old with a reasonably fit by physical and mental. However, this trekking tour will be guided by a highly experienced and knowledgeable guide who helps you to accomplish the trek with great help and support thoroughly.

      Yes, Our Guide and Porters are all insured and they have trekking climbing insurances for trekking to any mountain in Nepal.

      The highest point of this trek is Larke -La (4800 meters) 

      Yes, on upon arrival at Tribhuvan International airport, you’ll be received and welcomed by one of our Alpine Ramble crews and transfer to the respective hotel

      Yes, almost every teahouse has Wifi offer with a little charge 

      Yes, we will help you to exchange your current very easily 

      The best season of the year for this trek is Autumn ( Spe- Dec) and Spring ( March-May) with the clear sky and great views- the temperatures are moderate, you can also do the trek in other months as well with less crowded. 

      The travelers need to be paid 10% of the full trip cost in advance and remaining of the funds for trekking can be made on arrival in Kathmandu. For the booking of your trip please go through the section of "BOOK YOUR TRIP" and click there to make your reservation, it's instant booking confirmation. 

      Yes, Three meals of a day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided during the trek in the mountain and foods you will be eating as per menu- offers a wide verity of meals including local and western continentals. 

      • Ascend Slowly
      • Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes & Tobacco
      • Proper Acclimatization Rest and walk slowly
      • Drink plenty of water - at least 3 liters of a day
      • Eat Well and Plenty- mostly soups items like garlic, ginger, etc
      • Use the Diamox as per Doctor's instructors if AMS symptoms grew 

      Yes, We have a safe and sound place to store where you can be easily stored your luggage at our hotel or office. 


      • Alan D - February 10, 2020

        Outstanding service from my first enquire

        As soon as I emailed asking questions about a trek in Langtang valley I would get immediate response from Dill and his team (even a WhatsApp) so communication was great.

        Literally on my arrival everything was taken care off ride from the airport to hotel etc etc.

        I met my guide Samir he treated me like a king it was a little bit of a culture shock at first but his hospitality was absolutely second to none he was extremely attentive made sure I had everything I needed and helped me out on the trek the whole way, I was sick the last couple of days of the trek he wouldn’t even let me carry my own bag he insisted on carrying it and I could genuinely see he was concerned for my health
        ( I was fine in the end). Samir was good fun also on the trek teaching me a trekking song and telling me about his family too. He was just a great host I can not express that enough.

        I would not think twice about using ALPINE RAMBLE again they really welcomed me and i feel like a very valuable customer and great value for money. They did not spare expense on getting the best rooms on the trek I was never left hungry or needing anything.

        Absolutely incredible trip i would recommend Samir as a guide and Dill and his team in a heat beat.

        5 stars

      • Jack Chan - January 10, 2018

        Nepal is one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse countries I have visited. The people are genuine and have so much knowledge to offer! I have worked and trekked with Dil several times over the past four years. He is a champion!

      • Peter s - October 09, 2017

        Dear Peter,
        Namaste and warmest greetings from Alpine Ramble!
        We are very much glad to receive your feedback regarding your trip in Himalaya with us. I feel extremely delighted to know that you have enjoyed your trip with us in Nepal. Thank you so much for your excellent review on Trip Adviser. We look forward to have another opportunity to guiding you in Nepal Himalaya!

        Wish you all the best!

        Warm regards
        Dil $ Alpine Ramble Team

      • Sam - April 19, 2017

        Dil Gurung is a safe pair of hands. This summarizes what he does in a nutshell. He has fantastic emotional quotient and is attentive to detail and to every single member of his expedition client team. I would go back with him to the Nepali Himalayas any time. I would endorse him as an excellent guide for an international audience. It is great to see that his enterpreneurship has led him to set up his own outfit. His maturity and conscientiousness are remarkable.

      • Kyle G - January 10, 2017

        Dil is the best guide in Nepal, period. Doesnt matter what the adventure is. Very professional, super polite and respectful, a great leader, he can speak great English, but best of all... Dil will end up becoming a good friend by the end of your adventure with him. I recommend Alpine Ramble for any adventure! After our trek, I trust Dil with my life. Don't miss this opportunity while in Nepal.