Annapurna Circuit Trek - 7 Days

  • 7 Days
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  • Trip Duration7 Days
  • Difficulty LevelModerate - Strenuous
  • Best SeasonMarch - June & Sept - December
  • Max Altitude5416 M


“Set foot on the world-famous Annapurna Circuit Trek to discover a realm of soaring frozen glaciers, lush forests bordered with tumbling rivers, and scenic mountain homesteads where you’ll be welcomed like family.”


Explore the Annapurna Circuit: one of the best treks in Nepal

Trekking in the Annapurnas of Nepal offers the rare opportunity to combine a thrilling Himalayan adventure with a genuine cultural experience.

But many trekkers take up to three weeks to explore the length and breadth of the Annapurna Circuit, and travelers who are short on time may have missed out on the opportunity to enjoy this life-changing trek in Nepal to its fullest.

Fortunately, Alpine Ramble Treks has developed an itinerary that will introduce you to the natural splendor of this incredible Himalayan region over the course of just a single week.

You’ll enjoy a whirlwind tour of the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, visit lonely mountain villages scattered far across the Himalayan mountains, and ascend to the high-altitude pass of Thorong La.

All along the way, you’ll find yourself in the company of friendly Nepali villagers eager to introduce you to their traditions and ways of life.


What’s it like to trek the Annapurna Circuit?

Your weeklong adventure on the Annapurna Circuit Trek begins in Kathmandu, but we’ll soon leave Nepal’s capital city behind and set out for the smaller towns of Besi Shahar and Chame. From here, our trail leads through the small villages of Pisang, Manang, and Yak Kharka, where you’ll encounter easygoing locals pursuing traditional ways of life against a backdrop of staggering Himalayan peaks.

The high point of our trek in the Annapurnas will come when we arrive at the high mountain pass of Thorong La, which sits at an incredible 5,416 meters in elevation.

Spectacular views are the order of the day here at the top of the world, and you’ll quickly discover why this is one of the best treks in Nepal. From Thorong La, you’ll enjoy a panoramic perspective of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

After descending from the mountains, we’ll travel by road to Pokhara before enjoying one last thrill: a scenic plane ride or overland drive back to Kathmandu. All told, the Annapurna Circuit Trek has enough adventure for even the most intrepid traveler.


What makes our Annapurna Circuit Trek stand out from the pack?

Suppose you’re ready to plan a trekking holiday in Nepal. In that case, you’ve probably discovered that the tourism market is packed with adventure outfitters—and there are many ways to tackle the Annapurna Circuit.

But Alpine Ramble Treks has approached this trekking itinerary with the utmost care, leveraging our many years of experience in the tourism industry to develop a travel package designed specifically for visitors who are short on time.

We’ve carefully cultivated our contacts in the tourism industry, arranging the logistics and supplies necessary for a successful trek in Nepal. We’ve worked to develop the skills of our qualified guides, each experienced in mountaineering and hospitality.

We’ve listened to our client's feedback, constantly assessing our treks to ensure that each of our guests enjoys the best possible trekking expedition. So when you’re ready to trek in Nepal, get in touch with Alpine Ramble Treks—we’re ready to help you begin your own adventure.


Best Time of Year for the Annapurna Circuit Trek

Trekking seasons in Nepal are primarily dictated by the summer monsoon, and our seven-day Annapurna Circuit Trek is no exception.

The monsoon typically lasts from June to August, and most visitors consequently choose to hike during the spring months of February to May or the autumn months of September to November.

These are the best times of year to enjoy the perfect combination of comfortable temperatures and clear mountain views. But you can hike in the Annapurnas at any time of year, and the snow-laden trails of winter are just as mysterious and evocative as the mist-shrouded hillsides of summer.

Whenever you choose to travel, rest assured that Alpine Ramble Treks will put together a trekking adventure that will surpass even your highest expectations.


Annapurna Circuit Trek Difficulty

Our seven-day Annapurna Circuit Trek is one of the most popular and enduring hikes in the Himalayas. Most travelers in good health and reasonable physical fitness will be able to complete this itinerary without issue. However, this one-week-long Annapurna circuit trek itinerary is also feasible from our side, if you are a novice trekker and have never been hiking before in the high altitude area then the additional days for the acclimatization days can be also added along the way. 

However, this trek does climb to altitudes higher than 4,000 meters, with the mountain pass of Thorong La reaching well above 5,000 meters. At these altitudes, it’s important to drink lots of water and get plenty of rest in order to let your body adjust naturally to the increased elevation.

As always, your guide will look after your progress and ensure that you enjoy a safe and rewarding trek into the heart of the Annapurnas.


Other great treks in Nepal

If our seven-day Annapurna Circuit Trek isn’t quite right for you, don’t worry! There are plenty of great choices when it comes to trekking in Nepal. If you’d like to spend as much time as possible in the Annapurna mountains, consider embarking upon our exciting 12-day Annapurna Circuit Trek. This itinerary has included the acclimatization days as well.

If you’d rather stick to slightly lower elevations, you can still enjoy a thrilling hike in Nepal by joining Alpine Ramble Treks on an expedition to the magnificent viewpoint of Poon Hill.

Of course, you can also look beyond the Annapurnas to discover classic Himalayan adventures like the Everest Base Camp Trek or Langtang Valley Trek.

And if you aren’t sure which trek is the best match for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to Alpine Ramble Treks. We’ll be happy to put together the customized Himalayan trek of your dreams.


Additional Benefits of this Trek with ART 

  • Free transfers to and from Tribhuvan International Airport upon arrival and departure.
  • Complimentary use of any necessary trekking equipment, such as sleeping bags, down jackets, duffle bags, walkie-talkies, trekking poles, and an oximeter to monitor your oxygen and pulse.
  • Fun souvenirs of your Himalayan adventure: a trekking route map, a t-shirt emblazoned with the Alpine Ramble Treks logo, and a hat!



  • Complete one of the best treks in Nepal over the course of just one week.
  • Visit Kathmandu and Pokhara: Nepal’s most exciting large cities.
  • Explore scenic mountainside villages in the shadow of Himalayan peaks like the Annapurnas, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu.
  • Ascend to 5,416 meters to reach the mountain pass of Thorong La.


Please note: The trekking times indicated below are approximate and are best used as general guidelines. During the Annapurna Circuit Trek, you’ll be able to travel freely at your own pace.


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Your adventure begins in the scenic Kathmandu Valley, home to Nepal’s busy capital city. We’ll travel west across the country’s most beautiful rural landscapes from here. Our route traces the winding course of the Trishuli River, passing traditionally built homes and terraced farms of rice and millet. Soon, the layered green hills of the Nepali countryside will rise to meet the mighty Himalayan mountains. After approximately five or six hours on the highway, we’ll reach the town of Besi Shahar. This is a great place to stop and stretch our legs, and there are plenty of restaurants where we can enjoy some local fare. Next, we’ll board a private Jeep to make the final stretch of today’s journey into the Himalayas, which should take another four or five hours. Our road follows the Marsyangdi River, passing the checkpoint at Dharapani and arriving at Chame after traveling through a scenic stretch of evergreen forest. When we arrive, we’ll get checked in at our trekking lodge and get some hard-earned rest.

  • Accommodation type: Trekking lodge / Tea house
  • Driving Time: 7-8 hrs approx
  • Meals: Lunch & Dinner (Included)
  • Maximum Altitude: 2,710m/8,892ft

Lace up your hiking boots: the Annapurna Circuit begins here in Chame, where we’ll sit down to an early morning breakfast before setting off into the wilds of the Himalayas. Our trek begins along the steep slopes of thickly forested hillsides high above the watercourse of the Marsyangdi River. We’ll proceed carefully, earning stupendous views of the 5,000-meter mountain known as Paungda Danda as our narrow path widens into a majestic valley. After about four or five hours on the trail, we’ll find ourselves marching into Lower Pisang. We can pick out the best available guesthouse here to spend the night, or we can push on to Upper Pisang, which lies just 20 minutes further down the trail. Either way, you’ll enjoy clean and comfortable accommodations, home-cooked meals, and a soft bed with warm blankets—all the hallmarks of the best treks in Nepal.

  • Accommodation type: Trekking lodge / Tea house
  • Trekking Time: 5-6 hrs approx
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Included)
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,300m/10,827ft

Our short Annapurna Circuit Trek continues as the sun breaks across the mighty edifice of Annapurna II, which rises over the mountainside villages of Upper and Lower Pisang like a broken encircling wall. Our route today will bring us from here to the villages of Geru and Manang, which should require about five or six hours of trekking. The views along this stretch of the path are nothing short of remarkable, thanks to the presence of colossal Himalayan summits like Gangapurna, Pisang Peak, and the Annapurna massif itself. As we gain elevation throughout the day, the forest will begin to thin out, leaving us to traverse a rocky landscape where only the toughest low-lying scrub persists in the rarefied atmosphere. If you’re interested in Buddhist culture, we’ll make sure to visit the village of Braga during today’s hike; there’s a splendid little monastery here that’s worth spending some time exploring. As the day winds to a close, we’ll get checked in at our trekking lodge in Manang to spend another night in Nepal’s loveliest mountains.

  • Accommodation type: Trekking lodge / Tea house
  • Trekking Time: 5-6 hrs approx
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Included)
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,519m/11,546ft

Spending another day here in Manang will allow our bodies the time they need to acclimate to the high altitude before we plunge further into the heart of the Annapurnas. This is a great place to explore: the town is packed with scenic viewpoints and timeless monasteries—and there’s even a cultural museum! If you find yourself getting restless, we can also embark on one of several available day hikes leading to fantastic glacial lakes set against a backdrop of skyscraping Himalayan summits, including Gangapurna and Tilicho Peak. Later tonight, we’ll return to our lodge for a filling meal and a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow, our adventure on the Annapurna Circuit Trek continues.

  • Accommodation type: Trekking lodge / Tea house
  • Trekking Time: 4-5 hrs approx
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Included)
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,519m/11,546ft

After a leisurely breakfast in Manang, we’ll set out for the high pastures of Yak Kharka. Winding mountain paths leading to stunning Himalayan views are the order of the day on this fine section of the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Leaving behind the stone-built homes of Manang, we’ll follow narrow dirt paths, sharing the way with local caravans of yaks and little horses. We’ll pass through the Jarsang Khola river valley before arriving at our approximate halfway point: the small town of Ghunsa, or Gunsang. This is a great place to stop and take in the splendid alpine scenery before tackling a series of beautiful suspension bridges on the way to Yak Kharka. We’ll arrive after about four hours on the trail, discovering a small community of sturdy guesthouses sheltered beneath snowbound Himalayan giants where blue sheep roam freely in the wilderness. After getting checked into our rooms, we can look forward to a hot meal and another good night’s sleep on the Annapurna Circuit.

  • Accommodation type: Trekking lodge / Tea house
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Included)

Leaving behind the pastures of Yak Kharka, we’ll strike out on an uphill journey, setting a leisurely pace and trekking for approximately four or five hours. Today’s destination is Thorong Phedi, a small collection of guesthouses clustered against the base of a mighty Himalayan mountain. Along the way, we’ll pass through the tiny village of Ledar, where we’ll enjoy wonderful alpine views and the opportunity to chat with friendly locals. We’ll also cross a dramatic suspension bridge that affords sweeping views of the rocky alpine landscape so characteristic of the Annapurnas. While we won’t necessarily be trekking long enough to require a lunch break, no trek in Nepal would be complete without plenty of tea. We’ll stop at a trailside shop for a warming cup prepared according to traditional recipes. The final stretch of today’s hike may be subject to landslides, so we’ll carefully assess the condition of the trail before proceeding. When we arrive in Thorong Phedi at last, we’ll be ready to enjoy a hot lunch and spend the rest of the day relaxing.

  • Accommodation type: Trekking lodge / Tea house
  • Trekking Time: 4-5 hrs approx
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Included)
  • Maximum Altitude: 4,600m/15,093ft

When you trek in Nepal, you can count on seeing amazing views of the colossal Himalayan mountains. But the vantage point that you’ll reach today will eclipse anything you’ve seen on the Annapurna Circuit Trek so far. We’ll make an early start, ascending endless switchbacks as we rise above Thorong Phedi and make for the high-altitude mountain pass of Thorong La. The pass is situated at 5,416 meters above sea level: the highest point on the Annapurna Circuit. From here, we’ll discover stupendous views of Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, the Annapurnas, Thorong Ri, and many more of the Himalaya’s most impressive peaks. When it’s time to descend from the other side of the pass, we’ll traverse steep, rocky terrain for several hours. Our destination is the sacred town of Muktinath, where we’ll catch a ride to nearby Jomsom. It’s here that we’ll spend the night, choosing the best available lodge and celebrating our accomplishments: we’ve finished the Annapurna Circuit!

  • Accommodation type: Trekking lodge / Tea house
  • Trekking Time: 7-8 hrs approx
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Included)
  • Maximum Altitude: 54126 m

With the mountain trails of the Annapurna Circuit now behind us, there’s still one major leg of our journey to complete: the winding mountain roads between Jomsom and Pokhara. While the two cities are separated only by about 160 kilometers, this is a narrow road that’s subject to variable mountain weather, and it’s best to proceed carefully and slowly. When we arrive in Pokhara, you’ll be more than ready for a hot meal and a good night’s sleep! While it’s also possible to return to Kathmandu directly, this will make for an exceptionally long day on bumpy roads—instead, we recommend spending an additional night or two in Pokhara. The city is positively brimming with exciting adventure activities, and even more easygoing travelers are sure to enjoy the many monasteries, temples, restaurants, and mountain vistas that you’ll discover around every corner. Wherever you go from here, Alpine Ramble Treks will be happy to assist you with any necessary arrangements. Thank you for choosing us to plan your short Annapurna Circuit Trek!

  • Accommodation type: Trekking lodge / Tea house
  • Flight Time: 30 m approx
  • Meals: Breakfast, and Lunch (Included)
  • Maximum Altitude: 827m/2,713ft

Trip map

Annapurna Circuit Trek - 7 Days map

Trip inclusion

  • Free International Airport- Hotel- Airport pick up and drop off by private vehicles. 
  • Meals on a full-board basis (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner/ the main course) on a trek
  • Experienced friendly local trekking guide coverage of his/her food, salary, accommodation, transportation, insurance, and equipment
  • Flight From Jomsom to Pokhara including all the applicable airport taxes and airport-hotel transportation 
  • All necessary papers including Annapurna conservation permit and TIMS card (Trekking Information Management System) 
  • Trekking equipment such as the Sleeping bag, and down jacket on request (optional)
  • 2- Night hotel accommodation at the 3-star hotel category with awesome breakfast in Kathmandu  
  • One Strong and friendly local porter for 2 trekkers 
  • Hotel /Trekking lodges (Tea House) during the trek
  • A handful of assistant guides for a group of 6 or above on each group (Not for a private solo trip)
  • Transportation from Kathmandu – to Besishar by sharing a local Delux bus and from Besisahr to Chame by sharing a basic Jeep 
  • Supplementary snacks: energy bars, crackers, cookies, etc.
  • Seasonal fresh fruits dessert every evening after dinner.
  • Appreciation of certificate after the successful trek.
  • Farewell Dinner at a typical Nepalese restaurant with traditional shows at the end of the tour in Pokhara/Kathamndu either.
  • Alpine Ramble’s complimentary free T-shirt/  route map and a duffel bag 
  • An oximeter to measure your oxygen and Pulse level during the trek in the mountain, it’s very useful for all the trekkers to be aware of the high altitude sickness.
  • Compressive first aid box (Guide will carry it throughout the trek).
  • Emergency rescue operation assistance will be arranged in case of complex health conditions (funded by your Travel Insurance)
  • All government, Local taxes/ vat, and official Expenses


  • Nepal entry visa fees (you can easily issue the visa on arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu). $25 USD for 15 days Visa.
  • Extra accommodation and meals behind schedule (Foods and accommodations before and after the trek) 
  • All kinds of beverages (tea/coffee, coke, beers, water, etc).
  • Additional costs by out of management control due to the landscape, weather conditions, illness, changes in government policies, strikes, physical conditions, etc.
  • Personal expenses such as snacks, laundry, telephone, WIFI, hot shower, etc at tea houses on a trek.
  • Travel insurance has to cover emergency rescue evacuation from high-altitude up to 5000 m.
  • Personal trekking equipment for this trek 
  • Gratitude/Tipping  (Recommended by the local culture)
  • Any other expenses that are not mentioned in the Price Include section of this trek

Dates & Price

The Trip departure dates both for group and private tours are available any time of the year, click here to select your own desired dates! 

Start DateEnd DateStatusPrice 
28 May, 202403 Jun, 2024AvailableUS$699

Trip Info


Foods on a trek 

The food will be provided during the trek as per the program and all the breakfast in Kathmandu and Pokhara. However, the food we serve during the trek is sort of basic but very fresh and tasty. You will have the option to choose from eating the foods in the mountains as we allow you to choose any from the Tea House menu.

The wide verities of foods will be found on every tea houses menu that has been formed by the local community, the most commonly serve food for breakfast is - Tibetan Breads (fried bread in oil, it’s also named Gurung bread in the Annapurna area), Chapati with Cheese (dry bread- a local wheat bread), Oatmeal, French toast with jam, honey, and peanut butter, Corn Flakes, Hashed brown, fried, Scrambles and boiled eggs, pancakes, porridge with milk, Muesli, Vegetable items and any kind of hot drinks are available except espresso, Americano

For the Lunch options – different variety of Thukpa (noodle soup), Dahl and Bhat (Nepalese local meal), Momos ( dumplings), Tibetan / chapati bread, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Sherpa Stew, a variety of soups, steaks, potatoes items, Sandwiches, Pizza, rice with curry, spring rolls, burgers and Pizza, yak steak and desserts items.

For the dinner options- Momos (dumplings) different varieties of Thukpa (noodle soup), Dahl and Bhat (Nepalese local meal), Tibetan / chapati bread, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Sherpa Stew, a variety of soups, steaks, potatoes items, Sandwiches, Pizza, rice with curry, spring rolls, Raman soups, burgers and Pizza, yak steak, desserts items, hot and cold drinks are available on the menus on tea house, the menu’s selected meals are fresh and healthy with hygienic specialists by the mountain for the mountain trekkers.

At the tea houses, the menu has plenty of non-veg items mentioned but officially any of the meats are not on our list of recommendations because the meat in the mountain such as in high areas is not sanitary and healthy. However, we would like to persuade you to avoid taking meat, Alcoholic drinks, and smoking.

Dessert and Snack options- Rice Pudding, Apple pie, fruit snicker/Mars bar, popcorn, cake, pastries, etc.

Hot Drink options – Varieties of hot drinks like black/milk coffees, black/mint/ginger/Green/ lemon honey teas, hot chocolates, hot mango juice, hot oranges juice, hot pineapple juice, etc.)


Water on a trek

Water is not an issue. Normal water (not a regular bottle of mineral water) would be provided. However, if you would like to buy a bottle of water (recommended) then you are able to buy it at any tea shop or trekking lodges. It costs a little and is affordable.


Accommodation Facts

Since the mountain has no luxury hotel accommodation, we do provide the best possible trekking lodges to our guests with all the meals. The room is quite clean and cozy, it's convenient for you. The room is twin sharing basis. However, a single room will be provided for the single solo female traveler.

The hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara are the better categories for your staying before and after the trek. 

Last-minute booking

We accept last-minute bookings without any additional cost. In order to confirm at the last minute, the payment should be made 100% directly through the online form or, by sending us an email, messages on Whatsapp, or by calling. But, Last minute booking may not be acceptable for Bhutan and Tibet trips.


We look forward to experiencing this trip with you in the land of the mighty mountains, and the place of Lord Gautama Buddha



Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for trekking to the Everest region. -your travel insurance must cover medical and emergency repatriation inclusive of helicopter rescue and evacuation expenses at high altitude for individual trekking members, please kindly provide us your insurance to us at the time of booking your trip or later - before your trip get started. Alpine Ramble will help and assist you to buy travel insurance for potential unforeseen events or altitude sickness during the trek.

  • Ascend Slowly
  • Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes & Tobacco
  • Proper Acclimatization Rest and walk slowly
  • Drink plenty of water - at least 3 liters of a day
  • Eat Well and Plenty- mostly soups items like garlic, ginger, etc
  • Use the Diamox as per Doctor's instructors if AMS symptoms grew 

Yes, you could choose to own your departure dates according to your time and schedule if the published Departure dates are not suitable for your travel plans, we will help you to customize the trip Itinerary on your own time and preferences. 

Yes, The trekkers should have to have registered trekking permits of Annapurna Conservation area Permit and TIMS (Trekker's Management Systems) and they are all helped and provided by Alpine Ramble Trekks- it's all are included on our package program.

Of course, yes, you can!  This trekking tour can be done by anyone from 10 years young to 75 years old with a reasonably fit by physical and mental. However, this trekking tour will be guided by a highly experienced and knowledgeable guide who helps you to accomplish the trek with great help and support thoroughly.

Yes, Our Guide and Porters are all insured and they have trekking climbing insurances for trekking to any mountain in Nepal.

The Highest Point of our trek is 5416 meters (Throng La)  !

Yes, on upon arrival at Tribhuvan International airport, you’ll be received and welcomed by one of our Alpine Ramble crews and transfer to the respective hotel

Yes, almost every teahouse has Wifi offer with a little charge 

Yes, we will help you to exchange your current very easily 

The best season of the year for this trek is Autumn ( Spe- Dec) and Spring ( March-May) with the clear sky and great views- the temperatures are moderate, you can also do the trek in other months as well with less crowded. 

The travelers need to be paid 10% of the full trip cost in advance and remaining of the funds for trekking can be made on arrival in Kathmandu. For the booking of your trip please go through the section of "BOOK YOUR TRIP" and click there to make your reservation, it's instant booking confirmation. 

Yes, Three meals of a day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided during the trek in the mountain and foods you will be eating as per menu- offers a wide verity of meals including local and western continentals. 

  • Ascend Slowly
  • Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes & Tobacco
  • Proper Acclimatization Rest and walk slowly
  • Drink plenty of water - at least 3 liters of a day
  • Eat Well and Plenty- mostly soups items like garlic, ginger, etc
  • Use the Diamox as per Doctor's instructors if AMS symptoms grew 

Yes, We have a safe and sound place to store where you can be easily stored your luggage at our Hotel or office.