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    18 June, 2024
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      Are you a group of independent travelers looking for a guide and porter to trek to Manaslu?

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      About the Manaslu Circuit trek overview with your local guide for 2022-23

      Manasu and Tsum Valley trek is one of the restricted trekking routes in Nepal that is opened for trekkers recently and become a popular trekking destination due to its incredible beauty of nature and cultural variations.

      Since this route has been declared a restricted area then trekkers cannot trek by themselves. You need to be part of the group or at least 2 people in a group for trekking in the Manaslu region along with the local guide, having a local trekking guide for this trek or any other trek can make something special and hassle-free with depth knowledge and local experience.

      Taking a local expert means learning more and enjoying the trek and what it has to offer by knowing everything in depthwise, it’s always a good idea to see if your trekking crew has a local person on board. It’s not the same as speaking the language and asking for directions.

      It is more about knowing the place, history, knowing what and who is around the next corner, what happens where and the stories a place has to tell, and also what are the things that we might not do and what to do while trekking through the local villages and following their community aspect to respect. 

      Hiring a local guide might impact the community positively it helps the community directly by employing them, so it is advantageous to hire a local guide to support the people, and it's a community! 

      Wondering how much should I expect to pay for hiring a local guide for the Manaslu trek. See the best offer that has been verified by the Nepal government, 

      • A lienholder trekking guide with decades of experienced costs USD 35  per day 
      • A porter cum guide (who has a guiding license) costs USD 30  per day 
      • A porter to help your backpack is USD 28 per day 


      Note: Above the prices include all the meals, accommodations, insurance, and necessary trekking equipment for the guide or porter. 

      When to Travel

      Manaslu is an amazing trekking destination as it offers a wide range of sensational mountain scenery, waterfalls, ancient monasteries with wheeled prayer flags, Alpine lakes, spectacular local villages, wilderness, and flora and fauna at any time of the year, trekking in March, April, May during the Spring and September, October and November during the Autumn are the best time of the year.

      Winter can be a bit chilled and a very high chance of snowfall and weather leads to extremely cold at high elevations, trekking in Monsoon is likely to rain almost every day and most of the time shower with clouds that bothers the views, but you can still enjoy at this time but not as comfortable weather as Autumn and Spring.

      Spring and Autumn are the peak season for trekking and mountaineering in Nepal likewise, Monsson and winter slow down and a very less number of travelers visit Nepal for trekking and climbing the high mountain. 

      Required Trekking Permits

      The Manaslu and Tsum Valley trek is within a restricted region of Nepal that requires special trekking permits to access this route for all travelers except Locals. The required trekking permits can buy through the trekking agencies in Kathmandu since individuals are not allowed to access them.   See the lists following trekking lists and fees as given below,

      Manaslu Restricted Permit

      Tsum Valley Area in Autumn season Tsum Valley area trek permit cost USD 40 per person per week and USD 7 per person per day if you are extended more than a week These are applicable during the Autumn season belongs to Sep- November.

      Tsum Valley Area in spring season: The permit costs USD 3- per week and an additional $7 per day per person if the trek is extended to a week. The autumn belongs to March-May

      Manaslu region:

      In autumn: The special trekking permit costs USD 100 per person in the month of September, October, and November, the additionalcosts USD 15 per person per day if the dates are extended.

      In the spring season: The special trekking permit costs USD 75 per person per week and USD 10 per day in the month of March, April, and May!

      Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)

      • Manaslu conservation area permit cost:  USD 20 / P and USD / person for SAARC countries!
      • Trekking Information Management of System (TIMS): $10 / Person

      Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)

      • Annapurna conservation area permit cost:  USD 35 / person  
      • Manaslu Circuit conversation permit cost: USD 35/ Person
      • Trekking Information Management of System (TIMS): $20 / Person

      Note: The permit cost is changeable according to the seasons of the months and the number of days you will be spent in this region.


      Book your guide today at the best deal, travelers may look at our Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp trek offers too! 


      • The scenic drive from and to Kathmandu
      • Visit spectacular Buddhist monasteries
      • Enjoy the views of the highest peaks in the world like Mt. Manaslu, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, LamjungHimal, etc.
      • Rich in biodiversity and natural scenery
      • Captivating  wilderness flora and fauna
      • Witness wild animals


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                          Trip Info

                          Food on Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

                          Food on the Trek has a pretty wide selection of the food items on the tea houses/ trekking lodges menus which are originated and prepared by the local community, the most common meals of the region are as given below.

                          Common Breakfast options - Tibetan Breads (a fried bread in oil, it’s also named by Gurung bread in Annapurna area), Chapati with Cheese (dry bread- a local wheat bread), Oatmeal, French toast with jam, honey and peanut butter, Corn Flakes, Hashed brown, fried, Scrambles and boiled eggs, pancakes, porridge with milk, Muesli, Vegetable items and any kind of hot drinks are available except espresso, Americano

                          Common Lunch options – different verity of Thukpa (noodle soup), Dahl and Bhat (Nepalese local meal), Momos ( dumplings), Tibetan / chapatti bread, Macroni, Spaghetti, Sherpa Stew, a verity of soups, steaks, potatoes items, Sandwiches, Pizza, rice with curry, spring rolls, burgers and Pizza, yak steak and desserts items.

                          Common Dinner options- Momos (dumplings) different verity of Thukpa (noodle soup), Dahl and Bhat (Nepalese local meal), Tibetan / chapatti bread, Macroni, Spaghetti, Sherpa Stew, a verity of soups, steaks, potatoes items, Sandwiches, Pizza, rice with curry, spring rolls, Raman soups, burgers and Pizza, yak steak, desserts items, hot and cold drinks are available on the menus on tea house, the menu’s selected meals are fresh and healthy with hygienic specialists by the mountain for the mountain trekkers.

                          On the tea houses, the menu has plenty of non-veg items are mentioned but officially any of the meats are not our list of recommendations because the meat in the mountain such as high area is not sanitary and healthy. However, we would like to persuade you to avoid taking meat, Alcoholic drinks, and smoking.

                          Deseret and Snack options,- Rice Pudding, Apple pie, fruits snicker/ mars bar, popcorns, cake, and pastries, etc.

                          Hot Drink options – Varieties of hot drinks like black/milk coffees, black/mint/ginger/Green/ lemon honey teas, hot chocolates, hot mango juice, hot oranges juice, hot pineapple juice, etc.)

                          Water on Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

                          The water on a trek is available at every trekking lodges or shopping shops along the way, buying a regular bottle of mineral water costs 1-3 USD per litter. Manaslu region has plenty of water sources to get the water as you can also refill the water from the random taps or water source, refilling waters from any of those sources is potable but it will be fine to drink with a Lifetraw or using the water purification pills – at least 2-4 L water per day is recommended to drink that keeps you hydrated.

                          Accommodation Facts on Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

                          Accommodations on the mountain are simple in tea hoses/ Trekking Lodges. The rooms come usually in double occupancy with a wooden bed, blankets, mattresses, pillows, attached bathrooms (not everywhere), and the view is spectacular from the rooms of mountain tea houses. Likewise, single rooms are available and it will be provided for solo female travelers.

                          We will ensure and accommodate you to the best available tea houses with great views of the mountain and sceneries during the trek

                          NOTE: Kathmandu has a large range of luxury stars hotels offers to select for your stay. However, we will also be pleased to part of this help to make the reservations for the 4 50 5 starts hotel booking as well on request.

                          Safety and Satisfactions Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek


                          This trek is a guided trip and you will be accompanied by one of the experienced and friendly trekking guides/ Sherpa who originally come from the mountain (same region) of Nepal, the guide will be carrying all the essentials equipment with a first aid kit for safety reasons; we would like you to take some of your own personal mediation on this trek. However, in emergency cases, if our clients have any trouble with mountain sickness or any unforeseen circumstances then we will always be standing by to send a rescue helicopter to bring our clients back to lower places or Kathmandu.

                          Passport and Visa

                          If you are traveling to Nepal you need to have a visa to enter Nepal. However, the arrival visa is available at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu's where you can simply get On Arrival Visa” and you must enter Nepal within six months from the visa issued date. Your total stay is counted starting from the day you enter Nepal!

                          Extra personal expenses on trekking

                          During the trek, all your foods are included in the package (Lunch, Breakfast, and Dinner with hot drinks), the foods will be served as per package program and besides that, any personal and Barbier bills would be extra.

                          Travel Insurance

                          In Safety reasons, Travel insurance is mandatory for trekkers in participating in any trek and tour programs on the mountains. Getting travel insurance, especially while traveling in the mountain areas is like security on which you can rely and enjoy your trip without any worries. We highly recommend getting good compressive travel insurance that covers things like emergency helicopter rescue, medical evacuations expense it will be assisted protection tour to cover personal injury, injury, repatriation expenses, and any kind of illness will be covered. Having good travel insurance will not only guarantee you peace of mind while you travel with us but also provide you with complete coverage for anything things that may go wrong.

                          Packing list for Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

                          The following lists are the essentials trekking gear which is recommended for trekking in Nepal and all listed gears can also buy easily in Kathmandu, Kathmandu has a number of shops selling the necessary cloths and gear for trekkers.

                          • A few pairs of Thermal tops
                          • Fleece jacket/pullover
                          • Windcheater - waterproof shell jacket one pair
                          • Down jacket -( It will be provided by the company if you do not have your own)
                          • Comfortable Fleece/wool trousers
                          • Trekking pants- at least 2 pairs
                          • Mittens/woolen gloves
                          • Warm Hiking socks
                          • Trekking sue with spare laces
                          • Pair of flip flop
                          • Underwears & Swiming costume
                          • Hiking Cotton trousers/t-shirts
                          • Sun hat/scarf
                          • Sunglasses
                          • Sleeping bag -( It will be provided by the company if you do not have your own)
                          • Trekking poles (Not 100%)
                          • Day bag above 40 L
                          • 1 set- Headlamp
                          • Small lock for the day backpack
                          • Reusable water bottles- 2 letters
                          • Water purification tablets/ electric light
                          • Wash towel
                          • Toiletries (wet tissue, quick-drying towel, toilet paper, moisturizers, lip balms, sunscreens, sanitary pads, hand sanitizer, nail clipper, small mirror, toothpaste & brush, etc)
                          • Rain poncho
                          • Basic personal first aid kit

                          Responsible tourism

                          Our experienced field staff/team strongly believes that we all are equally responsible to act in favor of the local culture and environment. We would like to follow the important role of following the rules.

                          • please respect the local people and their laws, custom and their beliefs
                          • Please always ask your guides for permission before doing something in the local community.
                          • please support the keep environment clean, wherever you would travel and dispose of rubbish
                          • Please help the local community to encourage the positive sides of tourism as long as possible.

                          We Alpine Ramble Treks involved in Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) and organize eco-friendly trips that teach to make the sustainable positive environmentally sensitive of both travelers and communities.

                          Transportations on Trek

                          Alpine Ramble provides all the necessary transportation for your trip including free arrival and departure transportation services. On your arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by our airport representative with the traditional flowers then you will be reassigned to the respective Hotel. Similarly, we will also provide private vehicles for the city tour like Kathmandu valley sightseeing, Nagarkot Sunrise view tour, or any others in Nepal on request.

                          Booking and payment process

                          Alpine Ramble Treks (P) Ltd. is a government authorized and registered trekking and adventure operator based in Nepal. The company registered number is 178805/074/075. We are also associated with various local and international tourism associations, therefore, any adventure interested persons are heartily welcomed to be booked and be part of our family now, we treat you as family members while traveling with us. we called mountain family, home away from home with us.

                          To process a trip booking with us, you're required to deposit 10 % of the full trip cost in advance to the prior of time to make sure all the reservations such as Hotels, guides, trekking permits, transportation, etc. the remaining of the payment can be easily made to us on your arrival by credit cards or in cash - cash would be much appreciated. At the same time, we would also like to request you to send all the required documents such as passport, travel insurance copies, and flight details at the time of booking.

                          Last-minute booking

                          The last-minute booking can be made by any interested travelers a day before the trip gets started. Moreover, the payment should be made 100% if you are booking this for the last minute and the booking can be made directly through the online form or, sending us an email, messages on Whatsapp, or by calling. But, Last minute booking may not be acceptable for Bhutan and Tibet trip.

                          We look forward to experiencing this trip with you in the land of the mighty mountains, and the place of Lord Gautama Buddha