Terms and Conditions

Alpine Ramble Treks is a Trustworthy government registered (Register No: 178805/074/075) trekking and tour company in Nepal operated by veracity and loyalty travel enthusiasm. We are committed to offering the best possible travel and adventure services to our valuable clients. Your satisfaction and contentment are our first priority. Please go through and read carefully the following lists of terms and conditions. We accept online trip bookings under the following terms and conditions.


For Trekking and tours in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. A photocopy of your passport and a 20% deposit of the total cost of the trip should be made to us in order to confirm your trip booking with us. The 20% deposit amount is non-refundable once you have done the down payment for the trip to Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. The deposit will be spent to make reservations such as hotels, transportations, trekking permits, etc.

The remaining funds for this trekking tour can be paid upon your arrival in Kathmandu before you set out for your tour.


Once you have done booking your trips with Alpine Ramble Treks and some reason if you would like to cancel the booking then the cancellation by a Client must be made in writing and acknowledged by the Company, the date on which the request to cancel is received by the Company, the company has right and determine the cancellation charge applicably.

by the clients, If you have made full payment for any trip, you are liable to receive the refund amount in case of cancellation of the trip.

Any trip cancellation made by a client has to be disclosed mandatorily in the written notification and acknowledged by the company. Your request with the submission of the cancellation date should be received by a company. In such a case, the company reserves the right to impose certain applicable charges on your trip cancellation.

The cancellation charge herein is the representation of the total listed online website brochure trip cost based on percentage. 


Refund of Booking Payment if it has been paid in full (%)


45 days or more


44- 30 days


29- 15 days


15 - 7 days


less than 7 days





Please note that “No Refunds” of any trekking and tour cost will be made to the clients who drop the journey out in the own interest of leaving any trip voluntarily despite any internal and external basis after the trip has officially begun. Likewise, No refunds will be made strictly for any accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals, or services in case of not even utilizations by clients on this program.


If you are booking any last-minute booking we even accept last-minute booking for any trips in Nepal. The booking should be at least 1 day prior to the trip departure dates. In this scenario, the client has to make the full payment of the trip right –away! Note: the last-minute booking is not acceptable for Bhutan or Tibet trips except Nepal.


If you are postponing your trip to Nepal due to any personal issues then you will be updated to us by sending a written notice and allocating the new date to departure then we will be transferred all the reservations for the new date. Note that we won't charge you any additional cost for the trips to postpone unless the thing doesn't get changed for the new date.

FREE TRIP POSTPONE: After confirmation of the trip, due to the COVID-19, if you are unable to travel on the allocated dates, you can postpone the trip to later dates whichever seems safe and suitable for you to travel again. You can choose any dates that are convenient for you and travel whenever you want. We are offering our clients a trip postpone without applying any charge.


Travel insurance is compulsory for all Clients undertaking any activities. It will be provided an adequate protection tour to cover personal injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, helicopter rescue, and any kind of illness that will be covered in the insurance package. Alpine Ramble Treks strongly recommends you buy an insurance package through a reliable travel insurance company in your city or country.


All clients must have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the return date. Nepalese visas can be obtained from the Nepalese Consulate in your country or arrival at Kathmandu Airport. Nepalese visa costs are the sole responsibility of clients’ part of their development process.


You can make the payment either by wire transfer or via credit card.

A. Payment by credit card (Mastercard or visa)

We accept the following online payment system. While making a payment, Firstly, go on any trip package you want to embark on, fill up the required information on " BOOK THIS TRIP " and pay the advance amount specified for the given trip.

as you are required to make the 20% payment in advance in order to confirm the Tour and once you pay the amount then you will receive the Invoice for your payment then we will communicate through email for further steps.


The bank payment details are authorized by the official bank account of Alpine Ramble Treks.

B. Bank Payment Details:

Beneficiary Bank: HIMALAYAN BANK LTD.

Bank Address: Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Beneficiary Name: Alpine Ramble Treks Pvt. Ltd.

USD Account No: 019 07242070018

Telex No.: 2789 HIBA NP


Note: Bank service charges related to submitting a deposit are the responsibility of the client while transferring or paying by card at the time of deposit


Please open the link, for the payment by credit card. It is secured:https://www.alpineramble.com/custom-booking

Note: You can also send funds through the Western Union Money Transfer which is the fastest and easiest way to send the fund to Nepal. No hassle and hesitation for this proceeding. For this proceeding, the information can be provided in the email corresponding to you. Your invoice confirmation will be sent once we verify receiving the funds.


Health is wealth; Of course, you should be prepaid for physical and mental fitness to conquer this trip in the Himalayas. You should prefer your current health and conditions, we don’t want to waste your time here. We would always be concerned to make your trip remarkable and memorable in a lifetime with us.


We made your trip reservation for the date of departure we would not cancel the trip even there are minimum people in your group due to the made trip cancellation by the number of people we will run the continuing. The Alpine Ramble Treks team will focus on your trip according to your time and Schedule.


We are committed to offering top-level services by performing our duties sincerely and seriously to make your holidays pleasant for the free hassle. We are proudly announcing that we are the team of a highly dedicated and professional team that makes your trip more comfortable and enjoyable once in a lifetime. However, Alpine Ramble Treks P. Ltd and its related organization shall not be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unavoidable circumstances beyond our control such as govt. restriction, Landslide, road blockage, flood, snow political unrest, cancellation of flight, delay, sickness or accident, and The nature of some of our trips are adventurous and risky as well, therefore may involve a personal risk. We would like to inform you that you have to take all the risks on yourself such as damages or injuries or death resulting from uncertain and inherent circumstances. Additional costs incurred during this time should be borne by the clients themselves during the trip.


Alpine Ramble Treks Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to revise prices posted on our website. That at any time in response to any unforeseen circumstances or due to the pressure of various external factors that are beyond our control e.g. sudden changes in exchange rates, government action, etc. However, we make every effort to mention the published prices. We have a seasonal trip discount on your trip cost, Alpine Ramble Treks organize your trip according to your budget and time.


Alpine Ramble Treks would not be responsible for any issues like injury, physical conditions, or other conditions during the trip. Similarly, our package cost does not include any personal client's insurance.


The mountain region can be affected by domestic flight delays due to the bad weather, particularly in the Everest trek region and the Jomsom trek in Nepal. In the adventure of delayed domestic flights, Alpine Ramble will meet departing city accommodation and food prior to your trip.

Alpine Ramble Treks will reserve the right to reroute treks or use road transport for extended delays without any impact on the trip cost or change your trip to another region in Nepal. Alpine Ramble Treks do not accept any responsibility for costs incurred as a result of missed international flight connection but we will assist to make alternative arrangements that are a possibility with extra costs.


Our tour/trek leader who represents Alpine Ramble Treks has complete authority during your trip. If you commit any unlawful act, you will be obliged to leave the tour. No refund will be made in such a case.


Alpine Ramble Treks might use the client’s photo and the videos to advertise on our sites, without any notifications but we will keep the personal privacy.


On any trip, the Alpine Ramble Treks team will make sure that you have everything safe with you. Perhaps, on any trip, if you lose or damage your luggage or property belonging to you, we will not be answerable for any things in this case.


During the trip booking process, we have to ask you any questions in order to collect the necessary information from you to obtain permits and arrange your trip. No private or personal information that you supply to us will be used at any other time, for any other purposes nor will it be disclosed to third parties.