Risk Free Booking Policy

After a long era of lockdown, as the whole nations are slowly and steadily opening up day by day, since, the country is slowly re-opens and all the border restrictions are also open, we are sure you are looking forward to traveling once again. And to lift up your travel experience post-COVID-19, we are here to help you. The panic of COVID-19 still is intimidating over all of us in the human lives but at some time we had to arise from this shutdown phase and do the things we have been looking forward to doing. So, to those travelers from all across the world who were waiting for Nepal to open up, the country is finally ready to welcome all travelers. And with our statements of Risk-Free Booking Policy, any travelers can be booked their future trip to Nepal for trekking and mountaineering with lots of travel reimbursement. In addition, explore what benefits, one can experience with our now book with confidence policy for a trip to Nepal.

However, this policy is only applicable for new bookings made after 25 September 2020 onward, and Note that this statement won't be applicable for other tours like Bhutan, and Tibet except Nepal!


Book your desired trip as you always wanted to make it happen at just USD 40.00/p, the remaining of your trip funds can be made on your arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal.

There are No fee will be charged to you if you cancel and postpone your trip later due to any circumstances at least 7 days before your allocated appointment. It is risk-free and postponing the trip will not charge any penalty or cost.

It is risk-free and postponing the trip will not charge any penalty or cost. If you are postponing the trip, you can decide whenever you find suitable dates to travel again, you can inform us at least 25 days before your new chosen dates for the trip.

This benefit policy by ART is applicable for the next 3 years from now, until 25th December 2023. So, book now and take this great advantage.


Now greater than ever, it’s the right time to book your trip to Nepal for trekking and mountaineering with the Alpine Ramble Treks, the country known as the world’s most popular Himalayan country. Why ART, Please kindly see our explanations as given below,

By booking your trip with the Alpine Ramble, you secure your holiday. Alpine Ramble has been providing the best quality service since established. Our experience in operating trekking and mountaineering has always been germ-free, safe, and exploratory. Our motto is to make our customers happy and give a lifetime experience ensuring all the safety and satisfaction; we assure all the travelers from all around the world that you will certainly have an unforgettable holiday experience just like many others.  Nonetheless, All our trips are now available for booking with the Now Book with confidence policy, which means that if COVID-19 travel constraints are already in effect, so your trip can be extended without any penalty charge from the original departure date to the future dates. Remember that, you need to inform us prior (at least 30-day before the departure) to your new departure date as we mentioned earlier. It is the best way to lock your future trip at today’s lower price for a later date that suits you!

Lastly, if you have any confusion and doubts regarding this new policy of Risk-Free Booking Policy, feel free to reach out to us. We are always (24/7) available to assist you.

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