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Trekking with a Mission. At ART every step taken leads us forward toward creating sustainable hope for the villagers in Nepal.

3 Step's to Sustainability

One of the greatest struggles throughout Nepal is helping villagers maintain the mountain lifestyle while also providing sustainable economic, physical, and spiritual hope for their families. Oftentimes, children have to leave their villages to go into urban cities (or even countries) to generate income to help support their parents living in the villages. Our goal is to bridge that gap by bringing innovation and creativity to mountain living through our sewing initiative.

 We do this in three simple steps.

Step 1: Cast a Big Net - By creating a community sewing clinic we are able to invite a number of students from surrounding villages to embark on a 3-4 day intensive training program to learn the sewing process from the ground up. This includes everything from setting up the sewing machine, maintaining it, and the basics of sewing.

Step 2: School Internship - Upon graduation from the clinic, students are assigned to an approved school for a period of 6-12 months to develop their skills by sewing basic items for the benefit of the children within that school. Items such as hats, sleeping liners, and book bags. During this time the sewing student is provided a part income while learning to sew with confidence.

Step 3: From Student to Teacher - Once the sewing student demonstrates confidence in their sewing skills and the school determines that it is a good fit to take the next step, we work with the school officials to create a school sewing criteria whereby our student begins training interested and prequalified school children on how to sew for themselves. In doing this we create the ability for duplication of skill and confidence to occur within themselves and their peers.

We recognize that not all children will take up sewing, nor do we expect this to replace other necessary study topics. Our aim is to merely bring vocational learning, currently only available in higher city education, to rural mountain living. By doing we believe that it will inspire village children that there are other means, other than just farming, to create a sustainable living for themselves and their village community.

Our hope and prayer are that others will see the value of this initiative and come alongside us by giving of their time, taking an Alpine Ramble Trek, and/or making a donation to help us keep up this good work.

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Sewing Update for May, Jun, and July 2023 

The initiative to help the children in the schools of Ruby and empower needy women by providing warm hats and clothes for the winter season, along with training, education, and sustainability opportunities, is a comprehensive effort aimed at uplifting marginalized communities. This initiative recognizes the interconnectedness of child welfare and women's empowerment, creating a holistic approach to support those in need.

By providing warm hats and clothes to children in Ruby schools, the initiative addresses the immediate necessity of protecting them from harsh winter conditions. This ensures their physical well-being and creates a comfortable environment that facilitates uninterrupted learning and growth.


Moreover, the initiative goes beyond material assistance by offering training, education, and sustainability opportunities to underprivileged women. By equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge, the initiative supports their economic independence and empowers them with the tools necessary for creating sustainable livelihoods. This invaluable support helps break the cycle of poverty and fosters long-term positive change within their lives and communities.


The initiative's emphasis on education offers a pathway for children to overcome socioeconomic barriers. By providing access to quality education, the initiative enables these children to expand their horizons, acquire knowledge, and create brighter futures for themselves.


Simultaneously, by uplifting women through education and training, the initiative strives to promote gender equality and female empowerment. Offering opportunities for skill development and sustainable living creates a path toward financial independence, self-reliance, and heightened social status for women in these communities.


Through the broad scope of its efforts, this initiative demonstrates a commitment to fostering long-term positive change by addressing both immediate needs and broader societal barriers. Its focus on integrating child welfare, education, and women's empowerment reflects a comprehensive approach toward creating a more inclusive and equitable society.


In conclusion, the initiative to help children in Ruby Valley schools by providing them with warm hats and clothes, while also supporting women with training, education, and sustainability opportunities, exemplifies a comprehensive and compassionate approach. By addressing multiple facets of community well-being, this initiative strives to create a brighter future for both children and women in need, fostering resilience, empowerment, and sustainable growth