Alpine Ramble Treks (ART) care about local society and the environment: responsible business practice since it is stabilized!

Our Business is more passion-driven than profit. We want to be part of the positive change in the world. So business is not only what we do, we reach out and extend our help to the communities and areas where we run trips.

Our primary goal is to help the local schools and women in the remote part of the mountains affected by environmental, economic, and spiritual devastation, we support them to equip, empower, and encourage individuals seeking to create sustainable change for themselves and their community.

In recent years, we were able to make some individual sewing training campaigns in the Ruby Valley Region of Nepal to give a little hope for the women who have been affected by the massive earthquake in 2015 and lost their houses. Through the several individual sewing campaigns, some women were able to get the ideas of sewing the different materials and cloths that way they can generate something to pay for the kids and buy some foods in the mountains but it is still not enough we still see there are so many women they are helpless and homeless, they need the help and support from helpers.

Secondly, our goal is to support the most affected kids in the mountains, special school kids of the remotes part of the Ruby Valley, Nepal to provide the same basic school materials who can not afford to buy for the school. as we see there are so many students are out of the school in the mountains because of not having the support of basic school materials and fees procced, we have been focusing and encouraging on them supporting a little by little, 

Through our initiatives partnering with HAU Gear and ZOLCY we also support the schools in this region, we set up libraries, give scholarships, and donate clothes and school supplies, plant trees for future generations, and help orphanages to sustain themselves.

We have been doing this since the establishment; So far we have taught a few groups of women in sewing the different types of school materials so that the women can generate something to pay for their kids in the school. However, all the sewing materials are helped to the schools by the school's suppliers. All these supporters have been able to serve in this together with kind-hearted donors from around the world especially our partner HAU Gear- a non-profit organization. Together we can create a better world.

The sewing students are learning to sew the liners, stuff sacks, laundry bag, and tarps in the Ruby Valley region of Nepal

After all “We have the whole world to explore and one world to save”

Here are some glimpses of the activities we conducted in the field of social change.

These pictures were taken during the time of helping into the Ruby Valley, the local kids and some of the local people at the Khading village delivered some blankets and school materials in the winter season.

Five sewing centers established- Ruby Valley,

Even though we have constructed at least 5 sewing training centers in the different villages of Ruby valley and distributed more than 20 laptops in a school, the problem that we have come across is that these training centers and laptops are still not enough. Therefore the Sewing center aims to expand and provide more training centers to train as much as we can for the mountain women in this region as the women from different villages are not reached by walking a long distance to the different villages.

Phase I. Sewing Essentials

Now, we need to raise the funds to help the next couples of sewing center to buy the essential sewing materials,

  • Sewing machines – 5 set
  • Fabrics
  • Sewing tools


Alpine Ramble and HAU Gear partnering to help the local women in the remotest part of Nepal (Ruby valley region) to create a hope to live a sustainable life by learning some sewing items to generate some income to be able to pay off for the kids in schools.

Providing some school materials in the different schools of Ruby valley Nepal.


The students in Khading village are receiving the school materials 

Donating the laptops to teachers & teaching them how to use them. 

Phase II. Our imitative for the school

Since we conducted some laptops and school materials for the grade 1- drade3 in Khading school now we are aiming to collect some funds to be able to help for the entire students from grade 1- grade 8 with the following lists, these are most needed,

  • Schools uniform for 200 students in Khading school
  • School materials
  • And A small Library house to build

Distributing educational materials ( Computers and uniform) in remote Khading village where we are planning to build a library as school most needed it.

So, we are seeking funding to help us for our initial phases I and II to support the local women and schools in the mountain that are beyond the help from the government. Donate now as you can whatever it is to bring a smile to these lovely people in the mountains,!https://www.alpineramble.com/uploads/articles/images/CRS - art.pdf