Alpine Ramble outreach initiative: Empowering Women and Promoting Education: A Sustainable Program in the Himalayas Nepal through the HAU Gear!

Alpine Ramble Treks (ART) care about local society and the environment: responsible business practice since it is stabilized. We believe that social responsibility is a crucial aspect of our business operations. As a responsible and ethical organization, we strive to make a positive impact on society and contribute to the betterment of the community.

This program aims to provide support to schools in the Himalayas of Nepal while concurrently empowering women. The program is geared towards promoting education and fostering a sustainable community through the provision of resources, skills, and opportunities for growth. Through a partnership with local communities, the program seeks to create a foundation for community-led initiatives by utilizing community resources, promoting education, and empowering women.

One of our significant CSR initiatives is our Social Work and School Charity Program. We try to help underprivileged children receive quality education and access to basic amenities. Our aim is to bridge the education gap and empower children with knowledge, skills, and resources to build a better future.


Through our Social Work and School Charity Program, we provide financial assistance, books, stationery, uniforms, and sanitary napkins to children who otherwise cannot afford to go to school.



- To improve access to education in rural Himalayan communities.

- To encourage women's empowerment through sustainable programs that cultivate economic and social growth.

- To equip students with an education that will enable them to promote their personal and community development.

Program Activities:


1. Provision of Basic Needs: 

The first step in improving access to education is ensuring schools have adequate supplies and facilities. The program will provide school supplies (like books, pens, notebooks, etc.), sports equipment, clothing, and necessary repairs.





2. Economic Empowerment of Women:

The program will provide entrepreneurial, vocational, and life skills training for women in local communities. The training will enable them to establish and maintain sustainable livelihoods hence contributing to their household incomes.



3. Encouraging Sustainable Farming:

The program will encourage a sustainable agricultural initiative in rural areas to ensure the availability of healthy and affordable food. By supporting small-scale farming, we encourage better practices that preserve the local ecology while meeting the nutritional needs of communities.



Expected Results:

  • Improved access to education for children in rural Himalayan communities.
  • Increased participation of women in income-generating activities and empowerment.
  • A higher graduation rate and higher student academic achievements.
  • Stronger partnerships between the school and community to promote sustainable development.


Resource requirements:

  • Community liaisons and project coordinators.
  • School supplies and equipment.
  • Materials for skills training programs.
  • Trainers and workshop facilitators.
  • Marketing materials to promote the program.




The students in Khading village are receiving the school materials 

Donating the laptops to teachers & teaching them how to use them. 



Our Next Goal 2023 Winter Initiatives - Spreading love to these lovely poor kids in the Himalayas!

We are excited to announce our next goal of providing school socks and shoes for 400 school kids in the rural area of the Ruby Valley-Himalayan region. These essentials will help the children attend school comfortably and focus on their studies. We are reaching out to our community to join us in this initiative to support needy children and make a tangible difference in their lives. Request to Community: We urge our community to join this meaningful initiative to provide school socks and shoes for these 400 children in the Ruby Valley-Himalayan region. Your support will ensure that these children have the necessary resources to pursue their education and build a better future. Join us in positively impacting these deserving kids' lives by contributing to this cause. Together, we can help create a brighter and more promising path for these children in need.



The program aims to transform Himalayan communities by fostering a sustainable future by promoting education and empowering women. By partnering with local communities and engaging with rural schools, we can provide children with comprehensive education and a brighter future. We believe that our approach will not only generate positive benefits for the schools and the women in the communities but will create a ripple effect on the Himalayan communities’ positive transformation towards a sustainable future.


Our work is only possible thanks to the kindness and generosity of our supporters. Every donation makes a real difference, no matter how big or small, and is often the simplest and most effective way of making a real impact. You can help us by donating and changing someone’s life. If you would like to support them, here is the link for the Donation