Guide and porter hire costs in Nepal

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    22 July, 2024
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      If you are an independent traveler who is interested in visiting Nepal, especially the Himalayas for trekking or mountaineering then you might have been wondering how to hire a local guide and Porter to be a safe and sound trip in Nepal. If this question is for you then you have come to the right place.

      In this post, you will find the easiest way to find the best trekking or mountaineering guides in Nepal with decades of experience in the field. Nepal is probably one of the finest destinations in the world for trekking and mountaineering due to its majestic mountains and unique culture as well as the warm hospitality of the locals. Nepal offers a wide range of the world's most popular trekking routes such as Everest base camp trekking, Annapurna base camp trek, Langtang valley trek, and many others. Hence, Nepal is not only a popular destination for trekking but it is an equally popular trekking destination for mountain climbing where thousands of travelers visit Nepal in a simple matter of trekking, hiking, city tour, and mountaineering as well as many other activities that can be done. However, Nepal is also a trek and climbing for the easiest to the most challenging one. Some of the trekking routes in Nepal are declared as restriction areas whereas local guides or porters are mandatory to enter the region. Meanwhile, there are other treks where travelers can do the trek by own self but it is always a high risk to trek by yourself especially in the mountain, if the things do not favor then you will have to face a lot of the problems in the mountains. Having a local guide means you are in a safe hand where you can focus more on the view and scenery than your safety.

      We at Alpine Ramble offers a private local guide and porter all around Nepal, our regional guides are available from the different cities of Pokhara, Lukla, Arughat, Dolpo, Kanchanjunga, and many others,

      However, hiring a guide for your trekking in Nepal means you are employing or helping the local community as well. That way a local guide can get something to feed for his family in the mountain and at the same time, you will be able to learn some local culture and lifestyle of the locals. Your contribution towards the mountain family of the remote part of Nepal means really a lot.

      How much does it cost to hire a Local guide for trekking in Nepal?

      Most of the time we have been asked this question by travelers from all over the world. If you are also traveling to Nepal for the first time then you may have some curiosity about hiring a guide or porter costing Nepal, so here are the easy answer for you all,

      A fully experienced and certified trekking guide - the full experienced guide fee is normally $30 USD/ day that includes his food, accommodation, equipment, and insurance

      A certified porter-cum guide (he does not only guide you but he also helps to carry your backpack during the trek) - An experienced porter-cum guide fee is normally $325USD/ day that includes his food, accommodation, equipment and insurance

      A local porter or helper fee is normally $20 USD/ day that includes his food, accommodation, equipment, and insurance