Our Team

  • Dil Gurung

    Dil Gurung

    Founder/Adventure Leader

    Dil Gurung as a mountain guide and leader of the Alpine Ramble Treks who was born in the mountain village of Nepal. He has experienced a decade in Travel and tourism. Since he started involving in this profession, he has been succeeding many groups for guiding and organizing to the Himalayas with our valued clients from all over the world. Besides, he loves sharing his genuine travel experience with the people from around. He is bound to have had a passion to work in this industry from the core. The gentle, strong and passionate travel enthusiast is the key to describe him. Since childhood age, he was attracting in Nepalese tourism.  Having had knowledge and experience about all of the trekking routes, Dil has been professional in managing everything that is essentially needed. He attempts providing the best hospitality as far as possible. Dil has got completion of his school level study from mountain school in his own village and moved to Kathmandu for his high school, he has done his graduation at travel and tourism from Kathmandu University. Likewise, Dil has approved his communications skill in English very highly and fluently. He is very familiar with every trekking routes of Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu and Dolpo regions in Nepal. Firstly, He started his tourism career with different trekking company as an assistant manager and trekking guide, has received standards and international level training from recognized bodies like Nepal Academy Travel and Hotel Management (NATHM) and Kathmandu Environment Education Project (KEEP). After completing these high-level pieces of training from Government and local organizations then onwards, he holds the leadership guide license. He is a certified Guide.  These training extremely helped him understand tourism even more. . Noticeably, he has fluency in German, English, and Hindi languages that help him tune up with tourists with any of these native languages.   "Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase if you can fly then run, if you can run then walk, if you can walk then crawl -by all means keep moving up the dream become through the magic it takes determination and hard work, believe yourself Continue working hard and eventually you will achieve your dream" M. L. K. 

  • Dil(Man) Gurung

    Dil(Man) Gurung

    Adventure Team Leader

    Dilman Gurung was born in the mountain village of Nepal in Ruby Valley area. He has been working this professional for 9 years. Dilman has almost a decade of expertise in this field, he is one of the hard working an honest guides/ leaders of Alpine Ramble Treks, he has been serving at the same company since last few years. He is well trained by the Ministry of Nepal Tourism; he has acquired a substantial amount of experience in the field of trekking. He efficiently commences trips and is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of our client. Dilman has been leading many groups to several trekking routes of Nepal, as he absolutely loves sharing his experience and passion for adventure with his clients.

  • Krishna Thapa Magar

    Krishna Thapa Magar

    Trekking Leader

    Krishna Thapa was born in Gorkha district of Nepal. He has been working as trekking guide since 2001. firstly, he has been working with different trekking company and he started to work with Alpine Ramble since 2015, he is one of the honest and fully experiences trekking guides of Alpine Ramble now. he has more than a decade of experience in this field. He has been leading several groups in all the trekking routes in Nepal. 

  • Aliff Alias

    Aliff Alias

    (Malaysia Representative)

    Aliff Alias  Kamarudin,  Married, 31 years old. Mechanical Engineer, Website developer, Certified PADI diver cert no: xxx Nature Lover who believe in equality and a minimum.     

  • Nirmal Gurung

    Nirmal Gurung

    Trekking Leader

    Nirmal is one of our versatile trekking guides who has been working in tourism industry for 7 years and he was born in Ganesh Himal region of Nepal which is newly promoting home stay trekking rout of Nepal Himalayas. He loves sharing his travel experience with his clients, he is such hummer and humble man who always keep helping and supporting the clients and team. Suraj is an active member of our team and he has got trained to be a guide from the Government of Nepal.

  • Dilip Tamang

    Dilip Tamang

    Climbing Guide

    Dilip Tamang was born in Hilly region of Nepal, he has started climbing when he was 18 years old. after a long climbing experience, he is now one of the finest climbing leaders of Nepal. he has been climbing several trekking peaks and high mountains including Mt. Everest. Dilip is an honest and super gentleman who always believes in his hard work. 

  • Sujal Gurung

    Sujal Gurung

    Trekking Leader

    Sujal Gurung was born in Dhading district of Nepal, Sujal has started working in this professional after his high school, he is well educated and one of the friendliest guides that you will come across during your trekking period with us. He has led several trekking groups almost all the trekking routes of Nepal. He is absolutely easy going person with any situations. He loves sharing his travel experiences with everyone.

  • Kuvir Magar

    Kuvir Magar

    Trekking porter/Guide (Lukla based)

    Kubir is one of the honest and versatile leaders of Alpine Ramble who has been working in tourism industry for 5 years and he was born in Everest region. He is very kind and cheerful person who always take a great pleasure to share his experience with his clients, he is such hummer and humble leader.

  • Tika Rai

    Tika Rai

    Trekking Leader

    Tika Rai was born in Everest region of Nepal, he has been working in this profession for 12 years. He is a very passionate and experienced certified guide of Alpine Ramble Treks since it’s established. He is one of the hardworking and honest leaders of Alpine Ramble Treks, he is very helpful and dedicated person always loves to share his experience with clients, never stop smiling on his face.

  • Krishna Thapa

    Krishna Thapa

    content Writer

    Originally from Dhading, Mr. Krishna Thapa has worked with Alpine Ramble Treks as content Writer since last we established. He has successfully completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature. During his work tenure, he has invaluably proved himself as a successful Program Developer and a veteran Script Writer. In fact, he has been able to heighten the glory of Alpine Ramble Treks with his tremendous efforts at his assigned tasks. 

  • Bishnu Tamang

    Bishnu Tamang

    Trekking Guide

    Bishnu is an energetic young guy with enough experience in the trekking field as he has years of experience as a guide and porter. He was born in Everest region of Nepal and grew up there in the mountain village. Eventually, Bishnu has done all the trekking routes in Nepal especially in Everest Region and Annapurna region he has taken guiding training provided by the Ministry of Tourism with Trekking Guide License. After getting several experiences of versatile trekking regions with trekkers from different parts of the world, as a person, he is the strong, sincere, dutiful and friendly guy. Dedication and honesty is shine of his personality, he is Fluent in English, and he is always ready for the new thrill. He always makes sure on his guiding that his client is comfort and safety with him during the trek in the mountain. He is the absolute helpful person at your needs.

  • Saugat Gurung

    Saugat Gurung

    Trekking leader

    Saugat is one of our adventure leaders, he is very much passion and dedication about his work, ever smiling person with a nice heart, he loves to gain the new experience working with different people, he has been working in this profession for years, in the beginning, he was working as a porter since then he got to learn about the history of Nepal as well as trekking routes than he became a professional trekking guide, he has been leading the group in the very popular trekking destinations of Nepal like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu regions of Nepal. He loves sharing his travel experiences to the lovable people across the world. he is genuinely kind and very friendly guy who always make our clients happy and enjoyable holidays on their time to Nepal. 

  • Federico Scaramucci

    Federico Scaramucci

    Representative (Europe)

    Federico Scaramucci Representative (Europe), A passionate and nature loving person, Federico has been part of ART after completing his first treks in Nepal. As an enthusiastic traveler, he has giants a vast knowledge about the Himalayas. Eventually, he organizes awesome trekking and adventures in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and Helambu regions of Nepal. He encourages the traveler to be fitness and accompanied as much as he can and he speaks fluence Italian, France, German and Spanish. (Federico Scaramucci - Italy +393479236059 scaramucci.federico@gmail.com

  • Ayush Gurung

    Ayush Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Ayus Gurung is an energetic, young and dynamic trekking guide of Alpine Ramble Treks, he has been working in the tourism profession for 4 years(2 years as porter became a guide). He is ever smiling person with a huge dedication to his work. He believes in the power of passion that creates a life of meaning. He is loves traveling and exploring the differences part of the world. 

  • Laxman Gurung

    Laxman Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Laxman Gurung is one of the most demanded and experienced guides in Nepal, he has been working as a guide for more than a decade, he is truly an amazing and friendly guide who always take good care of his clients during the work.