Protocols- Updated on 12 April 2021

If you are thinking of visiting Nepal then good news for you all the travelers. It is official that quarantine is no longer mandatory for traveling to Nepal and you are not required to be in the mandatory Hotel quarantine any more. As per the newly reformed entry protocols, travelers do not have to stay in quarantine. Therefore, quarantine is officially removed for travelers.

To visit Nepal, the traveler has to submit the following documents in order to enter the country:
  • A PCR negative tested report ( 72 hours of time from the testing to enter Nepal)

  • A visa approval (Reference) letter from your local representative tour company 

Likewise, On arrival in Kathmandu, all the travelers are required to take another PCR test in Kathmandu. Once the report shows a negative test result then travelers are allowed and free to continue their travel plan to any parts of Nepal.

As of now, we  (The local tour company or organizer) need to arrange the reference letter of recommendations for the travelers - As per Visa Approval Letter, a Visa Approval letter is an alternative option for travelers who do not have a Nepal embassy or consulates offices in the reachable distance in their country of origin.

The following documents are required for the Visa Approval letter:
  • A photocopy of the passenger’s passport

  • A round-trip flight details

  • A mandatory travel insurance

After receiving all these above documents, the company will provide a Visa Approval Letter to the travelers in advance. All of those travelers carrying visa approval letters and negative PCR-tested reports of 72 hours will quickly get an on-arrival visa at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu Nepal without any hassle and hesitations.

However, the recent amendment in the entry protocol rule is good news for travelers intending the recommence their travel plans. Similarly, travelers who have previously postponed their trip can freely choose any convenient dates to resume their vacation for Nepal now. For further concerns and help please feel free to write to us or message us at our Whatsapp +9779851175531