How to Hire guide and porter in Nepal

  • Mar 19, 2021
  • Dil Gurung

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If you are planning on trekking and mountaineering in Nepal Himalayas then you might have been looking for a royal, professional, and experienced local guide to make your trip the best way possible. But you have never got any ideas How to hire or get a local guide for your trip t Nepa Himalayas? Here, you have come to the right place where you will get comprehensive knowledge and ideas of hiring an honest, loyal, friendly, and experienced guide at a reasonable price for any trekking and climbing journeys to the Himalayas.

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most exciting adventure activities in the world where thousands of trekkers visit Nepal in a propose of trekking in the Himalayan region like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, and many other regions. Trekking alone is doable in most parts of Nepal except for restricted areas like Manaslu, Nar Phu valley, Kanchanjunga, Dollop, Mustang, etc. However, trekking independently at such a high altitude area is commonly risks and it is not recommended, if you are traveling on a budget then you do not need to join any trekking offers that local or international trekking companies usually offer just hire a local guide who can help for you to your dream come true at a lower budget without any worry but finding a right guide/ person is a mile of challenging since you are not familiar with the places and people. In this blog, we help you to find the best and reputable local guide in an effective way at the lowest price possible.

Alpine Ramble Trek is a leading Himalayan trekking and tour specialist based in heart of Kathmandu offers a wide range of trekking and tours in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet as well as we provide local trekking guides and porters for your trekking and mountaineering in the Himalaya region of Nepal at your request.

We are at Alpine Ramle committed to providing a sufficient trekking guide, and porters at an affordable price at any time of the year for trekking in Nepal. 

Why hire a local guide from Alpine Ramble Treks

  • Alpine Ramble Treks is fully credentialed with the Nepali government, as well as a wide range of domestic and international tourism associations.
  • We proudly maintain our certifications and credentials with the government of Nepal, including the Nepal Tourism Board and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation (Registration Number 2440). Our agency is also registered with the Office of Company Registrar (Registration Number 178805/074/075), Nepal Rastra Bank, and Department of Tax (PAN number 6068433).
  • We pride ourselves on offering fair rates for our services, and your payments will be directly applied to secure the trekking permits, hotel reservations, and airline tickets associated with your travel arrangements. We do not levy additional charges on credit card payments, there are no hidden costs, and we can organize flexible payment schedules for the balance of your trip. We also offer student discounts, volunteer discounts, and free cancellation up to 60 days before your date of departure. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.
  • Flexible, Personalized Travel Itineraries:
  • Your Safety and Satisfaction: Alpine Ramble Treks is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy superb Himalayan trekking adventures and memorable cultural tours with us. With more than a decade of experience in these mountains, we have the resources to ensure that your holiday is pleasant and uninterrupted. Our agency will arrange all of the supplies and transportation you’ll need, and our committed team members will look after your health and safety every step of the way.
  • Experienced Local Experts: When you’re talking about hiking in the world’s highest mountains, there’s no substitute for experience. Each of the guides and porters who works with Alpine Ramble Treks has accumulated firsthand knowledge of the Himalayan territories you’ll be exploring. We’ll guide you across high mountain passes and river valleys of sublime beauty, prioritizing your safety and satisfaction from the moment we first set foot upon the trail. Our management team has also worked in Nepal’s travel and tourism business for years, and we excel at navigating the complicated network of commerce and industry which makes it possible for us to provide the supplies and transportation needed for a successful trek. Take advantage of our experience and enjoy a hassle-free holiday in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Benefits of Hiring a local Guide and Porter for trekking in Nepal

Hiring a professional and experienced guide for trekking in Nepal is a crucial idea, you can become a successful trekker by conquering the mountain at your own desires with the great success of local guides and porters who have a vast knowledge of the places, mountains, people, and culture itself to explain more in-depth. Having a local guide or Porter means, you are all set and secured for high altitude treks, there almost a risk-free trekking with local expertise, having a guide on you, you will have many benefits, some of them are given blows,

  • Less stressful, so much more culturally enriched, and so much more fun.
  • Course-plotting and Itineraries
  • Highly developed Bookings and Logistics
  • Cultural Experience
  • Low Cost to travelers and soaring Benefit to the Local Economy directly

How Much does it cost to hire local guides and porters  from Lukla

There are 3 different categories to hire a local guide, the cost belongs to their experienced and expertise, 

  1. If you are hiring a professional and experienced trekking guide who can speak fluent English(He can explain well about the local culture and history in-depth) with more than a decade of experience in the fields then guide normally costs you  $30 USD per day, this cost includes guide wages, insurance, foods, accommodations, equipment.
  2. If you are hiring a porter cum guide- a guide who can speak English as well as he or she will be able to help to carry your backpack during the trek, the cost for the porter-cum guide is $ 24 USD per day including wages, foods, accommodations, insurance and equipment for the guide
  3. A porter or helper cost is normally $18-20 per day including his food, wages, insurance, and accommodation. 

I hope this information would help you to hire a local guide confidently for your trekking in Nepal if you need any more assistance please feel free to drop the message to us. 

Ready to book an experienced local guide for trekking in NEPAL? contact us and get a special deal today! 

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