Best destinations for rafting and fishing in Nepal

  • Nov 28, 2020
  • Dil Gurung

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Nepal is a landlocked country but it is rich in terms of water resources. Even though it has no access to sea this country has many big rivers that are quite famous for rafting. However, a lot of people don't know this but the rivers of Nepal are a popular fishing ground as well.

If you are visiting Nepal and wondering about things to do here. Then rafting and fishing in Nepal is a great way to escape the noise and stay in silence within mother nature.

This article tells you about some of the best destinations for rafting and fishing in Nepal. The rivers range at an altitude from 80 m to 2700 m with 118 varieties of freshwater fish.

Few destinations that are quite popular among travelers are Karnali river, Sunkoshi river, Tamur, Trishuli river, and many more.

Some species of fish found in these rivers are Copper Mahaseer, river catfish, mountain stream trout. Freshwater eel, mud eel, knife fish, and many more. Among them, Mahaseer is a common sport fish found in Nepal.

Relaxing beneath the sun and catching fishes is a great way to spend one’s vacation. You can also go rafting in these rivers if you are looking for some adventures.

Fishing and rafting is a perfect activity to do in Nepal. This is a combination of both relaxation and adventure. If this is your first time fishing then you should know being patient and calm is the main factor of this activity.

Sometimes, you might even have to spend the entire day in a spot to catch the fish of your desire. Also, the beautiful nature surrounding you will make a great impact on your fishing experience.

But if you are looking for adventure then rafting in these rivers provides you a thrilling and challenging experience. At the end of the day, you can camp on the shores enhancing your trip.

Best time for Rafting and Fishing in Nepal

Nepal is packed with travelers throughout the year but the best time for rafting and fishing in Nepal is during the month from October to December and February to May. During these months the water is calm with bright weather and warm waters.

It is the peak time for rafting and fishing when travelers visit Nepal to spend some time in the beautiful rivers. Days are warm and sunny while the nights can be cold near the river. However, it can get windy during the evening and early morning.

It is better to do these activities before or after the Monsoon season. As there is a rise in water changing the flow of current during Monsoon. This season is risky as there are high chances of floods and landslides due to continuous rainfall. So, you might be disappointed to know that these activities are either canceled or delayed due to bad weather conditions.


To experience the full advantage of rafting and fishing it is better to do them at the recommended months. As the water is unpredictable so it is a way of safety measure as well.

Best Destination for Rafting with Fishing in Nepal

As you know the waters of Nepal are quite famous for rafting and fishing. So given below are few best destination for rafting with Fishing in Nepal:

Trishuli River

Trishuli river is one of the most popular destinations for rafting and fishing. It is a perfect choice if you are a beginner in this field. This river is the closest water adventure that lies near the Kathmandu Valley. It is also easily accessible from Pokhara and Chitwan.

You get to view the beautiful river while traveling through the Prithvi Highway. It is popular for its impressive gorges and thrilling rapids that are perfect for rafting.

Another exciting water sport of this river is fishing while viewing the beautiful scenarios. Different species of freshwater fish found in this river are trout, river eel, golden Mahaseer, and many more.

Sunkoshi River

Sunkoshi river is most famous for hosting rafting and kayaking. Rafting done in Sunkoshi is graded as one of the best whitewater rafting trips. But only a few numbers of people know this is another popular destination for fishing as well.

This is a great opportunity to combine two amazing adventures in a single trip. You can go white water rafting in the thrilling rapids of this river while fishing in the hidden pockets.

Some species of fish found in this river are Mahaseer. Snow trout, River Catfish, and freshwater eel. If you are an interested angler then this will be a great experience for you.

Tamura River

Tamura River lies in the eastern part of Nepal and is made up of ice melts of Mount Kanchenjunga. It is one of the major rivers that join the Saptakoshi river. Rafting and fishing are some of the major activities done in this river.

While rafting and fishing in this river you will be exploring the less-visited part of the eastern region. You can combine this adventure with a few days trek as well.

You will be rafting in one of the best whitewater rapids of the eastern region along with freshwater fishing. Some species of fish found here are Mahaseer, River Catfish, Silver Trout, Freshwater eel, Common Carp, and Grass Carp.

Karnali River

Karnali River is the largest and longest river of Nepal that lies on the far western side of Nepal. It is one of the best spots for fishing that is gifted with some of the best fishes found in Nepal.

This is a popular fishing ground for Mahaseer fish along with other fishes such as river catfish, golden Mahaseer, and many more. Many people have also spotted freshwater dolphins in this river.

It is a great fishing experience as you sit on the shores of Karnali catching fish viewing the beauty around you. Karnali river also hosts big volume rafting and kayaking which is unknown by many travelers.

Basic Gear

While going fishing and rafting in these rivers you will be requiring some special gear that is needed to complete your trip. Interested in knowing what equipment is needed for this trip then they are given below:

Gear for Fishing

Planning fishing in the rapid rivers of Nepal then you need to bring along some equipment that helps enhance your fishing experience. They are given below:

High quality single or double-handed fly rods

Good quality reels with holding capacity of minimum 300 yards

Flies to lure the fishes

High-quality lines with sinking tips

Polarized sunglasses


Gear for Rafting

Before going rafting you should know what equipment is necessary to bring along with you. Some of them are:

Sunscreen with high SPF

Shoes that are wearable in water


Clothes that dry quick



Sun hat

Mentioned above are a few gears that are needed on your trip. You can also add other things that you feel are needed for your trip. However, bringing proper gear makes your trip more exciting and increases the rate of success.

The Final Say

Nepal is the second-largest country that is rich in water resources and quite famous for whitewater rafting and freshwater fishing. Mentioned above are a few of the best destinations for rafting with fishing in Nepal. Hope it was helpful for you and you had a great time in these rivers.


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