Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  • Shoun Zhang
    Singapore Published: Friday, May 25, 2018

    Annapurna Base Camp Trek


    As a traveler who tends to have fast fading As a traveler who tends to have fast fading memory right after the trip — probably due to the emotion impact after landing to the zone with much fewer surprises — I seldom write any reviews. Most trips left me with great happiness and satisfaction, but they would get blurred gradually with less and less details available to recall.

    This trip is an exception, however. A fantastic ABC trek with Dil in late 2012, which I can still remember sharp after 6 years.

    During the whole stay in Nepal, Dil always prepared everything well for me, starting from just an inquiry on the local sim (and the next moment he handed the card to me). He was younger than me and called me Dai (older brother) on the second day we knew each other. Ever since then I felt I was actually traveling with my own brother who cared for me so much sincerely. He always understood me well and ensured I had everything needed. 

    Time went really fast with him. Also without so many distractions like phone or internet (not even worried about hungry or thirsty), I enjoyed every moment there with Dil. After the trek, Dil also invited me to his brother’s place for dinner, and everyone greeted me warmly. The local food was delicious and I was really enjoying the rice wine there. They were not from rich families but they prepared everything for me full-hearted. I was relieved as at that moment Dil had told me his great and clear plan of pursuing further education, which would definitely bring him a bright future — I’m absolutely right this time.

    Time flies. Years after and we now still exchange greetings and wished across the ocean, sharing the updates in various trips and important moments — especially the founding of Alpine Ramble Treks. A hardworking and honest guide, Dil has worked his best to develop on all the skills needed to provide the best guide experience (now he makes the better website than me who’s working in IT company...). I really wish his best and believe Alpine Ramble Treks can keep bringing the best to everyone who loves Nepal and mountain.

    “Journeys are the midwives of thought.” I feel deeply blessed to have this ABC trek with Dil in Dec 2012. For me, this journey has not really ended ever since then, with all the cares and shares we have in the past 6 years. Hope everyone in the trek with Dil would appreciate the memorable moment on the mountain, and more importantly, the everlasting joy and passion about being remembered after crossing paths in someone’s life. It is really precious and rare experience to look back and see how a 2-week stay in Nepal has flourished, and perhaps a little bit sadness that I might not have such a unique travel in anywhere else.