Utterly fantastic! I cant recommend Alpine Ramble highly enough!

  • Adam Tuner
    United Kingdom Published: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

    Utterly fantastic! I cant recommend Alpine Ramble highly enough!


    We have just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Nepal!
    We both trekked the Annapurna Base Camp Trek including Poon Hill.

    Dil (Company owner) made us both feel very welcome and happy throughout the trip and before we went, he replied instantly to emails and always was there to help. Pick up from the airport was reliable. He also helped organize our trip (Flights and advice) even after we left his organized trek. He also is doing a lot of important work to try and help poorer and women within Nepal via skill development etc.

    Our guide Dil Man was very attentive and helped us throughout, many tour companies try to rush you up and down each day, Dil Man was respectful and patient, he let you go at your own pace. We went at peak season (2nd week of October) I would recommend highly to accept the crowds and go at this time of year, the skies were very clear and view brilliant. Safety was Dil Mans main priority, he always checks how we felt and also was keen to emphasize how important altitude sickness was and was careful to take care of us with this.

    Food was included by Alpine ramble and you could have as much as you wanted, this was unique for us. Many tour guides/ groups had strict limits on food that was included. Water/Extra drinks we brought ourselves. Budget £10 a day.

    The accommodation was basic but in line with all the options inside the tea houses.

    If you are looking for a top service look no further than Alpine Ramble.