Excellent hospitality for hike in the Himalayas

  • Kelly lau
    United States Published: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

    Excellent hospitality for hike in the Himalayas


    When we decided to travel to Nepal, we knew that we would have to engage a local tour group to help us plan out our trip given how last minute the trip was and how difficult it was to organize things ourselves. Overall, we were happy with our choice of Alpine Ramble Treks! A few pros and cons of our experience:

    - Responsiveness: We planned this trip very last minute, and they responded to my inquiry promptly, and were able to customize the trip for us.
    - Hospitality: The level of hospitality by the owner Dil, our Poon Hill hiking guide Dilman, and porter Anil was just incredible. When we arrived, we were greeted by 3 different people at the airport (with welcome scarves). When we departed, we were also sent off with the ceremonial scarf. During the hike, Dilman and Anil made sure we were comfortable every second, even offering us their walking sticks to us when we didn't have any. After dinner, they even personally cut fruit for us - fruit that they brought all the way from Kathmandu. During meals, they also served us and made sure we had enough to eat. If I could give them a score for hospitality alone, it would be 12/10! 
    - Accommodating: We were able to customize our trip by combining off the shelf packages, and they were very accommodating to our desired sightseeing spots.
    - Customer service: When our Everest scenic flight was cancelled, they promptly refunded the money to us in our currency for convenience.
    - Value: Compared to other tour companies, ART's price was on the middle/low end, and the experience definitely felt like it was worth more than that! 

    - Communication: Tour packages on their website don't make clear enough what is and what isn't included, including lodging, food and transportation. I would have loved a more detailed description, make sure you confirm any details via email. Everything was clear after a few emails and a diagram drawn up by me.
    - Organization: I had to reiterate the same information many times to different guides, including departure times, arrival times, and schedule.
    - Language barrier: While the owner Dil's english was very impressive, communication with other guides was a little more lacking. During the hike, there were many times we found it challenging to understand them, and many times we were unable to get our message across.

    Overall, I highly recommend Alpine Ramble Trek!